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Lúnasa/RTÉ Concert Orchestra: Lúnasa with the RTÉ Concert Orchestra [Digipak] *

Track List

>Leckan Mór
>Spoil the Dance
>An Buachaillín Bán (With Scully's)
>Morning Nightcap
>Breton Set
>Minor Bee, The
>Last Pint, The
>Merry Sisters of Fate, The (With Dr. Gilbert's)
>Morning Nightcap [Film]

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Lúnasa, one of the finest Celtic music bands from Ireland will release their new album titled Lúnasa with the RTE Concert Orchestra this year. The album is a musical collaboration between the all-star Irish traditional band and the distinguished national orchestra of Ireland. Lúnasa with the RTE Concert Orchestra is scheduled for release on April 16th on Lúnasa Records, distributed by City Hall Distributors in the United States. It will be preceded by a digital release in time to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in March.

Lunasa With The RTE Concert Orchestra is a glittering collection of tunes sparked from a brilliant union of two of Ireland's brightest musical stars - a remarkable traditional Irish music band and Ireland's treasured national orchestra. Their first joint effort was a sold-out performance at Dublin's National Concert Hall on June 19, 2012 that was broadcast on Ireland's RTE Radio 1, followed later in the year by the recording of the album. The RTE Concert Orchestra, whose credits include projects with talents as diverse as Luciano Pavarotti and Jon Lord of Deep Purple and Ireland's Sinead O'Connor and Imelda May, is conducted by David Brophy. Film footage of the concert is included on the CD.

The new album by renowned Irish contemporary folk ensemble Lúnasa brings together two of the finest musical acts in Ireland, Lúnasa itself and the famed RTE Concert Orchestra. The album contains nine tracks, eight of which are combinations of various tunes. Lúnasa is known for embracing the music of their musical cousins in Scotland, Galicia (Spain), Asturias (Spain) and Brittany (France). The engaging opening track 'Casu' is a clear indication of this with a medley of traditional airs and dances from Galicia and Asturias. Most of the album, however, is primarily centered on Lúnasa's contemporary vision of Irish traditional music although it does feature some Scottish pieces as well as a Breton set and a composition by French-Algerian guitarist Pierre Bensusan.

Although Ireland has many great traditional music bands and instrumentalists, Lúnasa is widely regarded as an all-star band, with some of the top musicians in the folk music field. They bring their traditional musical instrument expertise to this outstanding collaboration with skilled classical musicians. Lúnasa with the RTE Concert Orchestra is an extraordinary collaboration that brings together the best of the traditional and classical music worlds.

Album Notes

Recorded on June 19, 2012 at Dublin's National Concert Hall with the help of Ireland's beloved RTÉ Concert Orchestra, traditional Irish folk collective Lúnasa's second live outing features ten stirring performances, including the lovely and lilting pipe-led "The Minor Bee," the epic dance set "An Buachaillín Bán (With Scully's)," and the evocative pre-closer "The Last Pint." ~ James Christopher Monger


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