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Various Artists: Rock & Roll Invasion

Track List

>Man From Mars - Butch Paulson
>Martian Hop, The - The Ran-Dells
>Invasion is Coming, The - The Invasion
>Plan 9 From Outer Space - Trailer
>Rocket - Joe Bennett & the Sparkletones
>X-15 - Johnny Bond
>Space Needle - The Starfires
>Satellite Rock - The Rebelaires/Sammy Smith
>Trip To the Moon - Wesley Reynolds
>Invaders From Mars - Trailer
>First Man On Mars - Jack Fautheree
>Rocket Trip - Duane Diamond/Jackie Lowell
>Sputnik Story, The - Bill Thomas
>Orbit With Me - Sonny Sheather
>Rock Old Sputnik - Nelson Young
>Rock Out of This World - Joe Norris
>Spaceship Life - Blackie Jenkins
>Space Dance - Royce Simpson
>It Came From Outer Space - Trailer
>Creature From Outer Space - Sonny Day/Tony Ray Trio
>Satellite Fever Asiatic Flu - Lonnie Miley
>Planetary Run - Joe Montgomery
>Robot Monster - Trailer
>Boppin' Martian Gibo Miban Gibo-Go Man Go, The - Dick Robinson & His Makebelievers
>Blood Beast From Outer Space - Trailer
>Mope Itty Mope - The Boss-Tones
>Venus Rock
>Rockin' On the Moon - Deacon & the Rock-N-Rollers
>Astro Zombies - Trailer
>Flying Saucer - The Thunderbirds
>Unknown Preacher Flying Saucer Sermon
>Voodoo Dolly - The Invictas/Jimmie Hombs/Hollywood Rebels
>Voodoo Doll - Glenda & Glen
>Voo Doo Queen and the Medicine Man - Bill James & the Hex-O-Tones
>Voodoo Woman - Smiley Smith
>Voodoo Doll - Art Van Damme Quintet
>Voodoo Mama - Dixie Dee/Ted Russell & His Orchestra
>Voodoo Island - Trailer
>Black Magic - Jericho Jones
>Voodoo - The Red Callendar Sextette
>Voodoo Woman - Curtis Knight
>Voodoo Zombie - Jan Davis
>Islanders, The - Voodoo Drums
>Voo-Doo Man, The - Johnny Perry
>Voodoo Woman - Trailer
>Love's Voodoo - Mercy Baby
>Voodoo Drums - Akim
>Voodoo Village - Trailer
>Voodoo Kiss - Don Sargent & His Buddies
>Voo Doo Dust - Mighty Joe Young
>White Zombie - Trailer
>Wombie Zombie - Billy Taylor and the Teardrops
>It's Your Voodoo Working - Charles Sheffield
>Voo Doo Lou - Joe Gaines/Al White & the Hi Liters
>Oh Oh Mojo - The Volcanos
>Voodoo - Cyrill Diaz & His Orchestra
>Wild One 1958, The - Ricky & Stompers
>So Wild - Pete & Jimmy & the Rhythm Knights
>Juvenile Delinquent - Ronnie Allen
>Rumble Rock - Kip Taylor
>Gangwar - Gene Maltais
>Savage - Alan Barnicoat
>Wild Boy - Mort Wise & the Wiseman/Rock Holman
>Rockin' Billy - Johnny Stark
>Girls Town - Trailer
>Wild Wild Woman - Steve Wright
>Wicked Woman - Johnny Gamble
>Sex Education
>Little Girl - John & Jackie
>Betty Lou's Got a New Tattoo - The Creep
>Motorcycle Jack - Terry Ann
>Big Black Jacket, The - Marcel St. Jean
>Riot In Cell Block No. 9 - Ron & Joe Crew
>Black Cadillac - Joyce Green
>Sunglasses After Dark - Dwight Pullen
>Let's Go Wild - Alvie Self
>Damaged Goods - Trailer
>Woman - Joy Russel
>Till the Law Says Stop - Johnny Faire
>Rock & Roll Guitar - Johnny Knight
>Booze Party - Three Aces & A Joker
>Forty Nine Women - Jerry Irby
>Swamp Gal - Tommy Bell
>Reform School Girl - Trailer
>Little Blonde Girl - Don French
>Red Hot Mama - Wayne Williams
>Homicide - Myron Lee
>Jail Bait - Trailer
>She's a Moonlighter - Johnny Carlton
>Mogul Monster - Rangers
>Riot City - Rocky & His Friends
>Wicked - Ronnie Isle
>Like Tuff - Enchanters 4
>Chicken Run - Alfredo Mendieta
>Let Down - The Marlins
>Pig Bone - Abootay's
>Green Tomatoes - Pat & the Wildcats
>Devil's Driver Theme - Vettes
>Jack the Ripper - Mustangs
>Minor Chaos - The Treasures
>Slow Jam - Bud Spudd & the Sprouts
>Scream - Ralph Nielsen & The Chancellors
>Drums Fell Off a Cliff - Ronny Kae
>Supersonic - Billy Mure
>Something Wild - The Corvairs
>Concussion - Holidays
>Headache - Angie and the Citations
>Heart Attack - Jack & the Ripper
>Goodbye Bo - Royal Playboys
>Little Betty Twist - Ray Clark & the Demons
>Wild Fire - The Runabouts
>Panic In the Powerplant - Don Love
>Shaften - Corvettes/Bill Dunzan
>Invasion - Gestics

Album Notes

Audio Remasterer: Jerry Peterson .

Liner Note Author: James Austin.


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