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Various Artists: The Chinese Musician Series: Best Collection Of Chinese Traditional Music, Vol. 1 [Box]

Track List

>Shepherdess, The
>Shadows Falling On The Apricot Flowers
>Rhythm Of The Vagrant Life
>Peacock Lifting Up It's Long Tail
>A Longing For the Frontier
>Altered Playing To The Ballad Of Happiness
>Joyful Nights Within The STockades
>Moon Lighting On The Han Palace In Autumn
>A Wonderful Moon-Night
>Rhythmic Poems Of Taiwan Strait
>Tanci San-Liu, The
>Ballad Of Happiness, The
>Music Of The Rainbow-Cloth Dance
>Turned Over Curtain, The
>Su Wu Herding Sheep
>Theme For Homesickness
>Joyful The Date Of Torch
>Singing On The Returns Of Fishing Boats
>A Midnight Escaping Of Lin Chung
>Tears For Flowers
>Spring At Tai-Lake
>Red Forever
>Xun-Fung Tune
>Song Of A Cowherd
>Song For Abundant Harvest
>Selling Vegtables
>In The Morning
>Longing To Autumn
>Chu Song, The
>Autumn-Longing For Reunion
>Po-Ya Mourned For Tzi-Qi With Qin
>Morning On Chu River At Night
>Water Birds Are Not Frightened Away From Him
>Music To Introduce A Wonderful Night
>Sadness Of Queen Chen In Chang-Men Palace


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