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Paul Mefano: Micromégas (b.1937) / Kaoli Isshiki, Rayanne Dupuis, Nicholas Isherwwd, Eric Tremolieres

Audio Samples

  1. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 1: Dans une de ces planètes (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  2. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 1: Vers le quatre cent cinquante ans (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  3. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 1: Il se mit a voyager (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  4. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 1: Nôtre voyageur connaissait (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  5. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 2: Après que Son Excellence se fut couchée (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  6. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 2: Nôtre existence est un point (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  7. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 2: Après plusieurs questions de cette nature (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  8. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 3: Nos deux philosophes (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  9. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 3: Cependant nos deux curieux partirent (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  10. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 3: Mais revenons a nos voyageurs (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  11. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 3: Voyager (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  12. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 4: Eh bien, ce ne sont peut-être (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  13. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 5: Micromégas etendit la main (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  14. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 5: Quel adresse merveilleuse (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  15. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 6: Micromégas, bien meilleur (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  16. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 6: Vous croyez donc (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  17. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 7: Ô atomes intelligents (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  18. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 7: Les philosophes parlèrent (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes
  19. Mefano — Micromégas, Scène 7: Autant vaudrait ne pas être (revised version) $0.99 on iTunes

Album Summary

>Méfano, Paul : Micromégas, "action lyrique" in 7 tableaux for narrator, 4 voices, chorus & orchestra (after Voltair
Performers Conductor Ensemble Composer

Notes & Reviews:

Written in 1752, Micromegas is a philosophical tale inspired by Swift's Gulliver's Travels. With its poetry of a quiet musical, Mefano leads us to perhaps ask whether it is man's awareness of just how small he is that makes him great.

An Opera by Paul Mefano: Micromegas, the recording comes complete with the full text of Voltaire.

American Record Guide, March/April 2014
Paul Mefano's "action lyrique" in seven parts is a sort of opera on a short story by the same title written by Voltaire in the mid-18th Century. Its themes are wide-ranging both in their topic and their seriousness. Some of the characters are giants; others are supposed to be microscopically small. The music itself is mostly consistent.

Notes & Reviews:

Recording information: Radio France Studios, Paris, France (07/10/2003-07/12/2003).


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Works Details

>Méfano, Paul : Micromégas, "action lyrique" in 7 tableaux for narrator, 4 voices, chorus & orchestra (after Voltair
  • Performers: Christophe Crapez (Voice); Paul-Alexandre Dubois (Bass); Rayanne Dupuis (Voice); Sandrine Eyglier (Voice); Olga Gurgovska (Voice); Nicholas Isherwood; Kaoli Isshiki (Soprano); Bruno Rosland (Voice); Iane Roulleau (Voice); Eric Tremolieres
  • Conductor: Pierre Roullier
  • Ensemble: Ensemble 2E2M
  • Notes: Radio France Studios, Paris, France (07/10/2003-07/12/2003)
  • Running Time: 4 min. 9 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Form: Opera/Operetta
  • Written: 1979-1987