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Verdi: Don Carlos / Placido Domingo, Katia Ricciarelli, Ruggero Raimondi, Leo Nucci, Nicolai Ghiaurov. Abbado, La Scala

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Notes & Reviews:

This famous recording of Don Carlos - the first generally available one in French - has never been out of the catalogue since its first release in the mid- 1980s. Now, for the Originals re-release, it has been remastered from 4 high-price CDs onto 3 well-filled ones! It remains the fullest version of Don Carlos on disc.

It is Abbado's conducting that deserves the most full-hearted praise. He matches both the grandeur of the public scenes and the inner tensions of the private ones through his taut yet always flexible control of the vast enterprise. Nothing in the orchestral tissue escapes him; he is wholly aware of the importance of the many rhythmic figures and instrumental colors that give this work its special sound, somber, disturbed, ultimately sympathetic to the troubled hearts of its principals. He measures up to the grandeur of the of French operas... I found listening to this set an absorbing experience.


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