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Kronos Quartet: Early Music (Lachrymae Antiquae)

Track List

>Kyrie I
>Messe de Nostre Dame, mass for 4 voices: Kyrie 1
>Studies (2) on Ancient Greek Scales
>Rachell's Weeping
>Langdans efter Byfans Mats
>Långdans efter Byfåns Mats
>Lachrimae antiquae, for 5 viols/violins & lute (from "Lachrimae")
>Lachrimae or Seaven Teares: Lachrimae antiquae
>Psalom, for string quartet
>Studies (2) on Ancient Greek Scales, for harmonic canon & bass marimba (from "Eleven Intrusions")
>Totem Ancestor for Prepared Piano
>O virtus sapientiae
>Long-Ge, for string quartet
>In Nomine "Rachells weepinge"
>Totem Ancestor, for prepared piano
>Kyrie II
>Messe de Nostre Dame, mass for 4 voices: Kyrie 2
>Brudmarsch frä Östa
>Brudmarsch frå Östa
>Using the Apostate Tyrant As His Tool
>Using the Apostate Tyrant As His Tool
>Synchrony no 2
>Synchrony for string quartet (6 other arrangements): No. 2
>Quod Libet
>String Quartet in Four Parts: Quodlibet
>Viderunt omnes
>Viderunt omnes, organum for 4 voices
>Kyrie III
>Messe de Nostre Dame, mass for 4 voices: Kyrie 3
>Fantasy for 4 viols in B flat major, Z. 736
>Fantasia for 4 Viols in B flat major, Z 736
>O virtus Sapientiae, antiphon
>In Nomine "Farewell my good 1, for ever""
>In Nomine a 5 ("Farwell my good 1. for ever")
>Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief
>Canon in Memoriam Igor Stravinsky, for string quartet: Collected Songs Where Every Verse is Filled with Grief
>Requiem: Bells - Tolling of the Knell
>Church Bells: Abbey of St. Peter's of Solesmes, France

Album Notes

This disc was nominated for the 1998 Grammy Award for "Best Chamber Music Performance."

Selections recorded at Skywalker Sound, Nicasio, California and Mastersound Astoria, Queens, New York.

In concert, the Kronos Quartet has the uncanny ability to assemble great programs of varied compositions. Who would have guessed that mixing Terry Riley with Arvo Pärt and Jimi Hendrix would create a perfect concert recipe? In EARLY MUSIC, they have done it again. All of the mostly-short works on this album are intertwined by there relationship to real or imagined "ancient" music. Selections by Machaut are followed by John Cage, which are in turn followed by anonymous eastern religious music. Furthermore, in many of the selections, the quartet is joined by special instruments, including drums, harmonium and Tuvan throat singers.

Together these elements comprise an album that flows from beginning to end like a rhapsodic dream, each scene melting into the next. Kronos plays mostly without vibrato in an effort to purify their pitch, and the result is that suddenly your living room becomes a darkened arched cathedral, where music that was performed last year and last millennium mingles in the air and returns to your ear, rich, beautiful and personal. This is not a recording that any other quartet could accomplish.


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