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Britten: Noye's Fludde / Wilks, Wilson, Wyn, BBC Concert

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>Britten, Benjamin : Noye's Fludde, children's opera, Op. 59
>Britten, Benjamin : A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28
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Notes & Reviews:

"This production has the benefit of very strong voices in Benjamin Luxon - resonant and impressive as 'The Voice of God' and David Wilson-Johnson as a somewhat put-upon 'Noye'... This CD is worth it for the big names and vast forces of Noye's Fludde alone, and the coupling makes it doubly attractive. Don't be fooled into thinking this is a souvenir from some school production with only local interest. This recording can hold its own in any catalogue, and deserves as much recognition as any around." -MusicWeb


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>Britten, Benjamin : Noye's Fludde, children's opera, Op. 59
  • Performers: Susan Alleyne (Violin); Georgina Revell (Recorder); Kate Robson (Recorder); Lucy Colwell (Violin); Richard Watson (Double Bass); Louise Dorrington; Myriam Taoudi (Recorder); David Wilson-Johnson (Bass-Baritone); Fanfare Trumpeters of the Welsh Guard (Bugle); George Harrison (Recorder); Claus en (Percussion); Martin Hooley (Viola); John Langley (Violin); Luisa Gerstein (Recorder); Judy Barnett (Violin); Benjamin Luxon (Voice); Michael Dore (Double Bass); Ann Clausen (Percussion); Imogen Rush (Soprano); Tristan Fry (Timpani); Tristan Fry (Percussion); Jennifer Watts (Violin); Jonathan Smith (Violin); Elizabeth Yarde-Martin (Recorder); William Snow (Recorder); Holly Clarke (Recorder); Cynthia Fleming (Violin); Selena Mirams (Violin); Rhiannon White (Viola); Nigel Blomiley (Cello); Elizabeth Shepherd (Piano); Emma Dawson (Recorder); Clare Rossiter (Soprano); Charlotte Simmons (Recorder); Eleanor Cook (Viola); Alexander Snow (Recorder); Sophie Harris (Recorder); Elizabeth Halpern (Violin); Lucy Dawson (Recorder); Christine Berry (Double Bass); Helen Cass (Violin); Stephanie Lane (Percussion); Jack Parker (Recorder); Wendy Weinstock (Recorder); Jennifer Bate (Organ); Daniel Sutcliffe (Violin); Matthew Connell (Treble); James Deacon (Violin); Terence McDermott (Viola); Emily Cinnamon (Recorder); H. Baylav (Violin); Oliver Belas (Percussion); Andrew Leveson (Treble); Catherine Wyn-Rogers (Alto); Dominic Hargreaves (Violin); Paul Lovegrove (Percussion); Sophie Curtis (Recorder); Lara Rosenthal (Recorder); Aisha Phoenix (Viola); Ned Dyke-Coombes (Violin); Paul Dowling (Violin); Mìra Higgins; Livia Harris (Recorder); Russell Durkin (Violin); Pamela Mason (Violin); Hao-Ming-Yau (Violin); Kevin Tomkins (Violin); Katherine Davidson (Violin); Ellie Douglas (Cello); Lorna Lyons (Violin); Hannah Mulder (Soprano); Jenny Slattery (Recorder); Emily Mott (Violin); Joanne Ankier (Cello); Francoise Roberts; Helen Sheldon (Violin); Richard Wise (Piano); Roisin Healy (Recorder); Adam Dennis (Percussion); Louisa Anderson (Recorder); Emma Kraemer (Violin); Rosie Kennally (Violin); Lindsey Waller (Double Bass); Helen Kendrick; Amy Lane (Percussion); Peter Davis (Violin); Juliette Mullin (Recorder); Corinne O'Sullivan (Cello); Lawrence Durkin (Cello); Frank Carson (Recorder)
  • Conductor: Nicholas Wilks
  • Ensemble: BBC Concert Orchestra members
  • Notes: Haberdashers' Aske's School, Elstree, Hertfordshire, England (10/18/1997-10/19/1997)
  • Running Time: 3 min. 3 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Form: Opera/Operetta
  • Written: 1957

>Britten, Benjamin : A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28
  • Performers: Myriam Taoudi (Recorder); Fanfare Trumpeters of the Welsh Guard (Bugle); Lawrence Durkin (Cello); Rosie Kennally (Violin); Richard Wise (Piano); Luisa Gerstein (Recorder); Louise Dorrington; Jennifer Watts (Violin); Joanne Ankier (Cello); Ann Clausen (Percussion); Susan Alleyne (Violin); Lucy Colwell (Violin); Kate Robson (Recorder); Helen Sheldon (Violin); Elizabeth Yarde-Martin (Recorder); Amy Lane (Percussion); Roisin Healy (Recorder); Jenny Slattery (Recorder); Adam Dennis (Percussion); Louisa Anderson (Recorder); Eleanor Cook (Viola); Juliette Mullin (Recorder); Emma Kraemer (Violin); Francoise Roberts; Oliver Belas (Percussion); Dominic Hargreaves (Violin); Harriet Plewis (Voice); H. Baylav (Violin); Emily Cinnamon (Recorder); Terence McDermott (Viola); Ellie Douglas (Cello); Helen Kendrick; Paul Dowling (Violin); Frank Carson (Recorder); Alexander Snow (Recorder); Jeffrey Dyball (Harp); Aisha Phoenix (Viola); Lara Rosenthal (Recorder); Victoria Gunning (Voice); Daniel Sutcliffe (Violin); Emily Mott (Violin); Sophie Curtis (Recorder); Hao-Ming-Yau (Violin); Pamela Mason (Violin); Russell Durkin (Violin); Nigel Blomiley (Cello); Paul Lovegrove (Percussion); Rhiannon White (Viola); Selena Mirams (Violin); Cynthia Fleming (Violin); Holly Clarke (Recorder); Georgina Revell (Recorder); Katherine Davidson (Violin); Kevin Tomkins (Violin); Lorna Lyons (Violin); George Harrison (Recorder); Livia Harris (Recorder); Sarah Mortimer (Voice); Lucy Dawson (Recorder); Emma Lindars (Voice); Christine Berry (Double Bass); Helen Cass (Violin); Stephanie Lane (Percussion); Jack Parker (Recorder); Wendy Weinstock (Recorder); Ned Dyke-Coombes (Violin); Jai Pond (Voice); Mìra Higgins; Elizabeth Halpern (Violin); William Snow (Recorder); Charlotte Simmons (Recorder); Elizabeth Shepherd (Piano); Jennifer Bate (Organ); Jessie Holder (Voice); Emma Dawson (Recorder); Richard Watson (Double Bass); Sophie Harris (Recorder); Tristan Fry (Timpani); Tristan Fry (Percussion); Michael Dore (Double Bass); Judy Barnett (Violin); Jonathan Smith (Violin); Claus en (Percussion); Martin Hooley (Viola)
  • Conductor: Nicholas Wilks
  • Ensemble: Finchley Children's Music Group
  • Running Time: 20 min. 16 sec.
  • Period Time: Modern
  • Form: Cantata/Oratorio
  • Written: 1942