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Paul Lansky (b.1944): Textures & Threads, music for percussion & piano / Svet Stoyanov, Gwendolyn Burgett, Ian Rosenbaum, Ayano Kataoka, percussionists; Thomas Rosenkranz, piano

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>Lansky, Paul [Composer] : Textures, for 2 pianists & 2 percussionists
>Lansky, Paul [Composer] : Threads, for percussion quartet
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Textures is Paul Lansky's new work, composed for the group Hammer/Klavier (two pianists and two percussionists) and is a major addition to the repertoire for this combination. It's eight movements last 30 minutes and explore the wide expressive range of this unique combo. This is the work's premiere recording. In the decade since its composition, Paul Threads for 4 percussionists has become one of the most frequently performed pieces for percussion ensemble, played and recorded by dozens of professional and university ensembles. Threads is given a wildly dynamic ride in this new recording by the Time Travellers.

American Record Guide, January/February 2015
Paul Lansky's Textures (2012-13), for two pianos and two percussionists (as in the Bartok sonata), is a gentle eight-movement suite with minimalist influence. Threads (2005) is a 10-movement suite (he calls them "studies") for four percussionists divided into skin and metal. Percussionist Svet Stoyanov (Frost School, University of Miami) seems to be behind this project, and hats off to him and his fine players.


Well-crafted percussion works
This release presents two fairly recent and near-related Paul Lansky works: "Textures," for two pianists and two percussionists, and "Threads," for four percussionists.

"Textures" examines the shifting role of the piano. It's a melodic instrument, but it it's also a percussion instrument, produces sound by striking hammers against strings. Contrast that with more traditional percussion instruments (like drums), which can also be melodic instruments of indefinite pitch.

Lansky shifts the viewpoint back and forth. Sometimes he has the pianos play percussively while the percussion instruments weave delicate melodies, sometimes the reverse. Sometimes he has both act like indefinite pitched instruments, sometimes all play melodically. Lansky's changing viewpoints keep the listener engaged (or at least this listener).

"Threads," is just for percussion, but it's a battery of instruments the four players perform on. Again, Lansky plays with various combinations, contrasting wood and metal, definite and indefinite pitch, sticks and woolen mallets creating a compelling work that's rightly become a favorite among percussion ensembles.
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Works Details

>Lansky, Paul [Composer] : Textures, for 2 pianists & 2 percussionists
  • Performers: Gwendolyn Burgett (Percussion); Thomas Rosenkranz (Piano); Michael Sheppard (Piano); Svet Stoyanov (Percussion)
  • Running Time: 29 min. 3 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary
  • Form: Chamber Music
  • Written: 2012-2013

>Lansky, Paul [Composer] : Threads, for percussion quartet
  • Performers: Gwendolyn Burgett (Percussion); Ayano Kataoka (Percussion); Ian Rosenbaum (Percussion); Svet Stoyanov (Percussion)
  • Notes: Sprague Hall, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (05/21/2012-05/22/2012)
  • Running Time: 26 min. 22 sec.
  • Period Time: Contemporary