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Mentallo & the Fixer: Zothera [Box]

Track List

>Ancient Languages
>Legion of Lepers
>Fusion Mutation
>Pulse Hemorrhage [Lesionary Mix] - (remix)
>Rapid Suffocation
>Amplitude Interference
>Cerebral Static Overdose
>Soaked With Blood [T.H.C. Edit]
>Grim Reality
>Scum of the Earth (Bloody)
>Bleek Seclusion
>Decomposed [Grimpen Ward Remix] - (remix)
>Decomposed (Trampled)
>Bring To a Boil
>Virtually Hopeless
>Coward (Submerged)
>Battered States of Euphoria
>Abominations Unleashed
>Dead Days
>Atom Smasher
>Power Struggle
>Sacrilege (Grimpen Ward)
>When Worlds Collide [Wicked Radio Edit]
>Doomsday Accelerator [Los Alamos Mix] - (remix)
>Rapid Suffocation [Lesionary Mix] - (remix)
>Sacrilege [Angel of Death Mix] - (remix)
>Battered States of Euphoria [Acoustical]
>Power Struggle (Tribulation)
>Natalia [Cen-Tex Edit]
>Murderers Among Us [Grimpen Ward Radio Edit]
>Decomposed (Return To Grimpen Ward) - (remix)
>Other World Technology [Plutonium Trigger Mix] - (remix)
>Abandon All Hope [Magi Mix] - (remix)
>Lightyear [Cosmo Mix] - (remix)
>False Prophets [Shotgun Messiah Mix] - (remix)
>Crypto Anarchist [Martyr Mix] - (remix)
>Say My Name
>Sleepwalking Societies - (featuring Redux)
>Conversation [Club Mix] - (remix)
>Servus Pulsu
>Bis Aufs Blut
>Push and Punish
>I Flee
>Life is Unfair (and Love is a Bitch)
>Hate [Single Edit]
>Alkaline Twins [Nuclear Alert Rmx] - (remix)
>Before I Die - (featuring Junksista)
>Lay My Vengeance
>Harsh Drugs & BDSM [Modulate Remix] - (remix)

Album Notes

Personnel: Gary Dassing (programming).

Recording information: The Slum, Austin, TX (1992-1997).


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