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Voivod: Infini

Track List

>God Phones
>From the Cave
>Global Warning
>Room With A V.U., A
>Destroy After Reading
>Treasure Chase
>Krap Radio
>In Orbit

Album Notes

Possibly more so than any other prior Voivod release, 2009's INFINI is all about their late guitarist (and co-founding member) Piggy. Armed with guitar parts he recorded prior to his 2005 passing, the surviving Voivod members subsequently set out to finish these final tracks. And musically, INFINI really is a tribute of sorts to Voivod's fallen guitarist, as his playing propels many of the songs throughout the album. Back in the '80s when most metal guitarists were busy shredding away and/or trying to "out-thrash" the next guy, Piggy's jazz-oid guitar playing was a breath of fresh air amongst all the standard shredding/noodling going on at the time. And it was an instantly recognizable, signature style he pursued until the very end, as evidenced by such tracks as "Earthache" and "Global Warming." And on the album opening "God Phones," Voivod focuses more on the metal rather than the prog (another style into which the group has been known to detour).


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