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HPG: HPG Presents: Last Soldiers Standing [Box] [PA]

Track List

>South Side Intro
>Ride On These Vatos
>All Caught Up
>You Ain't a Hommie
>Dark Blue Rag
>I'm a Rider
>South Siders of the 213
>P's Up-C's Up
>Since You Went Away
>Set Trippin'
>Comin Violent
>Sur Side Psychopath
>South Side Outro
>[CD-ROM Track]
>New Deal, The
>We Run It
>Something To Say
>War Now
>Let Me Ride
>Game On Lock
>We Keep It Moving
>It's Overtime
>New Recruit
>We Only Bring the Real
>It's For Real
>Who Wanna Ride?
>Still Connected
>Get Nmy Work From the Ese's
>They Got Me Trapped
>All Our Enemies Ducks Us
>I'm a Banger
>Real Talk
>Would You
>Player Needs No Love
>Vato's Got My Back
>Still In My Drop Top - (featuring Mr. Criminal)
>If You Don't Know Me Back Then
>Play a Street Banger
>Throw Your H Up
>Young Fly and Flashy
>Wanna Roll With Us
>Times In the Hood
>Hi Power Music 2008

Album Notes

Liner Note Author: Alfred Perez.

Photographer: Alfred.


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