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Family (UK): Family Entertainment

Album Notes

Family's second album is a perfect distillation of all the power and promise of the band's debut, MUSIC IN A DOLL'S HOUSE. "The Weaver's Answer" is a stunning opener that neatly sums up what Family are all about. Inventive instrumentation (Leslie-d guitar, flutes, and saxophones) plays, while acoustic guitar and a snappy rhythm section provide a propulsive and forceful base. Family never sounds quaint or dated. Bassist and violinist Ric Grech's "Second Generation Woman" is a pared-down, riff-driven rocker. Sadly, it was his final contribution to the band, as he left to join the short-lived Blind Faith.

The beautifully produced ENTERTAINMENT is filled with some of Family's early classics--"Observations From A Hill," "Hung Up Down," "How-Hi-The-Li," and "Emotions." As always, vocalist Roger Chapman's roars out of the finely sculpted musical tapestries like a madman on a mission of vital importance. ENTERTAINMENT captures the heady experimental rush that swept the British Isles in the wake of The Beatles' SERGEANT PEPPER.


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