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Various Artists: The Deeply Vale [Box]

Track List

>Wihstle Test/Deeply Vale - Bob Harris/Killer Man Giro
>Memories Recorded 2005 Plus the Joint Rolling Contest - Luke Bainbridge - (featuring Eddie Klejdys)
>Our First Number - Murmo Schulz
>In the Car - The Tunes
>It Was Cold - Ruts
>Before - Blue Midnight - (featuring Grant Showbiz)
>Andromeda - Body
>Hearsay - The Out
>Human Zoo - Aqua - (featuring Johnny Cohen/Graham Massey/Colin Seddon/Gary Madely/Barry Stopford)
>Funk-99 - Freeride
>Why Are Fire Engines Red? - Victim
>Images - Fast Cars
>Roll the Dice - Tractor
>Bingo Master's Break Out - The Fall (previously unreleased)
>Gassing Badgers - Stuffed Badgers
>toefunk - Visitor 2035
>Banks of Pontchartrain, The - Tony Crabtree
>Ebow - Mudanzas
>She Finds Me - George Borowski
>Ernie Bishop's Dead Body - Danny & the Dressmakers
>What Are We Doing on at a Rock Festival? - Danny & the Dressmakers
>How Hot is a Match? - Danny & the Dressmakers
>Johnny Be Really Fucking Good - Danny & the Dressmakers
>Strawberry - Here & Now
>Run You Off the Hill - Victor Brox Blues Train
>We Want It Legalised - Accident On the East Lancs
>30 Miles per Hour in a Built Up Zone - Elti-Fits
>Deeply Vale Advance Picadilly Radio Interview 1978, Pt. 1
>Getting Better - Steve Hillage
>What You See Is What You Get [Foggy's Beautiful Friday Night Remix] - The David Bacha Band (remix)
>Candy Man - Pete Farrow
>You Just Can't Make It - Trevor Hyett
>Sister Kate
>Too Late to Dance - Howard the Duck
>Black Leather Play with Fire - Victor Drago
>Grooving in the Direction of Love - Visitor 2035
>Little Wing - Tony Crabtree
>[Untitled] - Rivington Spyke
>Ruin - No Change
>My Band's Better Than Your Bong - Here & Now
>Time - Drive by Night
>Awakening-Pyramid Spell, The - Nik Turner's Sphynx
>Look Out - Drive by Night
>Goodnight - Blue Midnight - (featuring Grant Showbiz)
>Daydreamer - Pete Farrow
>Yearning for the Human Race to Run - John Keegan
>Brand New Cadillac - The Fall
>Lament - No Change
>Hard On Me - Rockslide
>Death Pulse, The - Murmo Schulz
>Funky Mungbean - Bill Pod & the Stocks
>Drilling 100's of Holes in a Piece of Hardboard - Tractor
>Wasted - Accident On the East Lancs
>Me & The Green Machine - John Keegan
>Deeply Vale 1978 Piccadilly Radio Interview, Pt. 2
>SUS - Ruts
>Letterbox - Elti-Fits
>Who Loves Jimmy Anderton - Fast Cars
>You Know Me - Howard the Duck
>Boxes - The Durutti Column
>Damson - Aspell
>[Untitled] - The Tunes
>Death to Those Who Believe In It - Body
>True Life - SFW
>Hairy Barber - Here & Now
>I Am a Bishop - Not Sensibles
>Lost on the Ocean - Tractor
>Walking Away - Vibrant Thigh
>Underwater Guitarist - Pete Farrow
>Tony Wilson - Elti-Fits
>There's No Such Thing as Too Much Fun - Trevor Hyett
>U.F.B. - Steve Hillage
>Valley of Dreams [Improvisation] - Dr. Fogg's Mistik Misfits
>Jah Wars - Ruts
>Bring What You Expect to Find - Andy T.
>God Rock - Nik Turner's Sphynx
>Deeply Vale 1977 BBC Radio Interview-At a Garden in CUmberland Road Rochdale
>Tameside Girls - Fast Cars
>Living in a Prison - Wilful Damage
>Proton Neutraliser - Wilful Damage
>I'm Scared - Wilful Damage
>Peace & Life - Wilful Damage
>Vandals - Wilful Damage
>Encore - Wilful Damage - (featuring Eddie Klejdys)
>My Fathers Wooly - Bill Normal
>Leaning on a Lampost - The Young Banjo Player
>Bartimaes - Movement Banned/Mick Spratt
>Revolution Man - Tractor
>White Sand - John Keegan
>San José - Red Eyes
>Bored - Brenda & the Hot Dicks
>Needle of Death - Tony Crabtree
>Halitosis - The Durutti Column
>Big Boss Man - (featuring Victor Brox)
>Jam Improv - Whitefire
>Near Enough for Jazz!!! - Bob Jones
>That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles - The Trends
>Pretty Babe - Salford Jets
>Cadillac-Slight Return - Salford Jets
>Deeply Vale - Tom Winstanley/Brian Eastwood
>Raspberry - Aspell
>Bring What You Expect to Find - Tractor
>I Like It/I Hate It - The Durutti Column
>Alfie WImbush - Danny & the Dressmakers
>I Hate Julia - Danny & the Dressmakers
>Ernie Bishops Dead Body (Slight Return) - Danny & the Dressmakers
>Dynamite - Danny & the Dressmakers
>Rock Boogie - Alchemist


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