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audiomachine: Remixed [Digipak]

Track List

>Blood and Stone [Ivan Torrent Remix] - (remix)
>Breath and Life [Digweed Remix] - (remix)
>Akkadian Empire [Paul Dinletir Remix] - (remix)
>Reaching [White Sea Remix] - (remix)
>Phoenix Rising [Cole Plante Remix] - (remix)
>Guardians At the Gate [David García Díaz Remix] - (remix)
>Ruins of Nan Madol [Photek Remix] - (remix)
>Above and Beyond [RAC Remix] - (remix)
>Helios [Witchman Remix] - (remix)
>Judge and Jury [Paul Dinletir Remix] - (remix)
>Fire and Honor [Matt Lange Remix] - (remix)
>Guardians At the Gate [Bruno Cariou Remix] - (remix)
>Four Horsemen [Martyn Corbet Remix] - (remix)
>Transcendence [Dawn Golden Remix] - (remix)
>Apollo's Triumph [Paul Dinetir Remix] - (remix)
>Drakon's Empire [Witchman Remix] - (remix)
>10 Inch Nails [Alluxe Remix] - (remix)
>Land of Shadows [Kelly Andrew Remix] - (remix)


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