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Manitoba/Caribou: Start Breaking My Heart

Album Reviews:

Magnet (1/03, p.95) - "...Whatever your personal mood, it will be greatly enhanced in one direction or another by this album..."

CMJ (11/11/01, p.7) - "...An inspired record that has enough identity to stand out from the leftfield standard..."

Mojo (Publisher) (5/01, p.117) - "...A style that combines his elite electro syncopations with a deft and instinctive tunefulness..."

NME (Magazine) (3/31/01, p.31) - 8 out of 10 - "...A record so fiercely intellignet, yet so lovably playful, so brightly inventive, yet so comfortably familair that it rebuilds your faith in the power of the margins....The best of the circuit-mangling PowerBook crew..."

Album Notes

Dan Snaith's 2001 debut, START BREAKING MY HEART, was released under the name Manitoba (well before Snaith was forced to change the name of his project to Caribou when Handsome Dick Manitoba of the Dictators sued for the rights). No matter what name he goes by, however, Snaith's music is always dazzling, ranking among the most innovative and engaging post rock on the scene.

START BREAKING MY HEART sports Snaith's usual mixture of digital electronica clatterscapes, shoegaze-inspired guitar noise, moody atmospheres, and psychedelic grandeur. To enter Snaith's world is to enter a labyrinth of jagged thorns and velvet cushions; usually paired within the same song. Snaith improved his formula progressively across UP IN FLAMES and THE MILK OF HUMAN KINDNESS (this album's successors), but for the curious ear interested in fresh, sonic hybrids, START BREAKING has plenty to offer.


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