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Motörhead: Stage Fright

Track List

>Dr. Rock
>Stay Clean
>Shoot You In the Back
>Love Me Like a Reptile
>Over the Top
>No Class
>I Got Mine
>Dancing On Your Grave
>Killed By Death
>Iron Fist
>Whore House Blues
>Ace of Spades
>[Bonus Material]

Album Notes

Although it was technically filmed one year too early (December 7, 2004, at Düsseldorf, Germany's Phillipshalle, to be precise), the discreetly double entendre-named Stage Fright DVD is meant to commemorate Motörhead's 30th anniversary (1975-2005), and does so with rather impressive results, it must be said. The concert itself is presented in unimpeachable visual and audio quality (multi-angle cameras, DTS 96/24, Dolby 5.1, and AC3 stereo sound), and captures Motörhead turning in a reliably top-notch performance from what was widely held to be the band's finest touring cycle in years -- not only because it was in support of a surprisingly memorable studio effort (2004's Inferno, introducing the memorable "Killers" and the brilliant acoustic guitar and harmonica breakdown "Whorehouse Blues"), but for reviving a few rarely played old classics ("Shoot You in the Back," "Over the Top," "Dancing on your Grave") amidst the usual on-stage warhorses, both welcome and necessary ("Killed by Death," "Ace of Spades," "Overkill") and inexplicably enduring ("Dr. Rock," "Metropolis," "No Class" -- all in serious need of retirement). Add to this an entertainingly crass and often self-demolishing commentary track provided by the ever lovable (if increasingly mummified -- he is 60, you know!) Lemmy Kilmister and merry henchmen Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee (incidentally, celebrating ten years as the most stable lineup Motörhead has ever had), and you may also be looking at a live concert first. Then there's the second disc, where featurettes about the fans, the show, the road crew (yes, them again), and backstage shenanigans at an L.A. show add up to an absolute embarrassment of bonus riches. (The only persons not interviewed directly were the two gigantic moles on Lemmy's cheek.) Cherry-top the whole deal with a generous photo slide show, amusing backstage rider, assorted DVD-ROM goodies, and a lavish package to hold it all, and the celebratory cause is done more than enough justice. Here's to 30 more years. ~ Eduardo Rivadavia


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