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John O'Callaghan/Will Atkinson/Noble Six: Subculture: The Residents [Box]

Track List

>Loading (Intro)
>One Special Particle [Guy J Remix] - (remix)
>Escape From the Past [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Live & Learn [Joint Operations Centre Remix] - (remix)
>Soul Detention [Original Mix] - (remix)
>In a Perfect World [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Say My Name [Original Mix] - (remix, featuring Audrey Gallagher)
>Purity [Sneijder Remix] - (remix)
>Plan B [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Hands Of Time
>Altitude Compensation [Album Mix] - (remix)
>Games [Standerwick Remix] - (remix)
>Elation [Joint Operations Centre Remix] - (remix)
>Say Nothing [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Saw, The
>Revolution [James Rigby Remix] - (remix, featuring Noire Lee)
>With Light [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Seek & Find [Original Mix] - (remix, featuring Seth Vogt)
>Remember [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Docklands [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Dark Purple [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Olympus [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Fortitude [Original Mix] - (remix)
>E.T.M. [Original Mix] - (remix, featuring Vannes/Fine)
>Lunatic [After Dawn Mix] - (remix)
>Victims [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Sharpshooter [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Lords Of War [Paul Webster Remix] - (remix, featuring Taranhawk)
>Repercussion [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Beautiful [Radio Edit]
>Harvester [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Alien Rock
>Source, The (Intro)
>Most Important Thing, The - (remix, featuring Sarah Shields/Ludovic H)
>Shadow Of You [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Kiss [Adam Ellis Remix] - (remix)
>Wake Up Call [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Deja Vu [The Noble Six Remix] - (remix)
>Telepathy [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Time [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Stratos Galaxias
>Don't Give Up
>Lost All My Tears [The Noble Six Remix] - (remix)
>Be There [Darren Porter Remix] - (remix)
>Ocean Avenue [Original Mix] - (remix)
>Glitches [Matt Bowdidge Remix] - (remix, featuring Noire Lee)

Album Notes

DJs: John O'Callaghan; Will Atkinson; Noble Six.

Audio Mixers: John O'Callaghan; Will Atkinson; Noble Six.


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