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Sir Jhon: Sir Jhon

Album Notes

Austin singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Sir Jhon serves an eccentric blend of rock, cowpunk, folk, and satire on this self-titled release. As someone who both draws from Southern roots music and uses it in a smart-aleck context in which those styles seldom find a home, he echoes other oddballs like Bruce Hampton and the Legendary Stardust Cowboy. It's not like he's particularly similar to any of those acts (though he's closest in nature to Hampton), but more like he shares some of their sensibility. You can also throw in Frank Zappa's penchant for smirking absurdity and musical eclecticism, though again Sir Jhon isn't specifically imitating him, and is certainly drawing from a folkier base. The CD never falls into a predictably comfortable or consistent style, sometimes approximating experimental rock with touches of jazz and electronics, at other times sounding like a mildly deranged hoedown on the porch. As a tunesmith, Sir Jhon sometimes espouses some sarcastic commentary about environmental and social skullduggery, occasionally in a voice so electronically filtered and distorted that it's difficult to discern the lyrics. Overall the tone is one of a whimsical gadfly, as apt to unleash peculiar instrumentals as tunes with goofy wordplay and cultural observations. ~ Richie Unterberger


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