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Knitting by Twilight: Heavy Hearts & Safety Nets

Track List

>Talk of Trust
>Song One
>Toy Tools
>Amusing Hearts & Evening Jets
>I Believe

Album Notes

The nice thing about being a solo artist is you can do what you please, all the more so if you are an obscure artist, unfettered by the demands of a following. Though perhaps if Providence's John Orsi continues to follow his unique artistic whims, he might gather one yet. Heavy Hearts is more texture and eyes-closed feel than song, yet like all such gentle instrumental soundtracks, be it for a movie or just one in mind, blindfolded pictures take form. Little dribs of gothic moods, unobtrusive samples of a female voice talking (on "Juliette"), hints of industrial, martial beats, and new age-at-dawn keyboards take hold. Like side two of Bowie's Low and Heroes (the intermittent vocals evoke monks chanting), it all adds up to an eclectic vision of a spacious time and place. Interesting at that. ~ Jack Rabid


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