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Yuzu: Wonderful World

Album Notes

Yuzu may be known more for an acoustic folk sound, but on Wonderful World they explore worlds beyond their own. The album opens with the backing of a full orchestra, utilizing some glockenspiels in the background in a manner evoking memories of Springsteen. As the album moves on, there's a return to the happy, poppy folk that makes up the majority of Yuzu's catalog. There's a little more movement out of their comfort zone now, though. "Odekake Sanba" puts their acoustic guitars into a larger setting of samba whistles and crowd shouts, "Dekobobo" adds a little more electricity and just a touch of surf rock to their sound, and "Ningen Kyoushikyoku" brings back some of the Springsteen sound once again. The core is always the duo's vocals and guitars, but the music's expansion beyond bare folk-pop is refreshing at times. They're generally careful to walk the line between folk and J-pop without veering too far into bubblegum territory, though they may stray once in a while. If Yuzu can keep to the correct side of the line in the future, there's plenty of additional potential shown by their expansions here. ~ Adam Greenberg


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