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Tangerine Dream: Rubycon

Album Reviews:

Q (5/95, p.134) - 4 Stars - Excellent - "...[a] remarkable achievement, given the then fledgling nature of synthesizer technology and the leading role therefore thrust upon the unwieldy and limited Mellotron..."

Mojo (Publisher) (p.153) - "RUBYCON is the zenith of the band's exploration of ever-shifting synthesized textures and rhythmic layers, with sounds adrift in endless space of echoing through vast subterranean caverns."

Album Notes

Tangerine Dream: Edgar Froese (guitar, Mellotron, organ, synthesizer, gong); Peter Baumann (piano, electric piano, prepared piano, organ, synthesizer); Chris Franke (prepared piano, organ, synthesizer, gong).

Recorded at The Manor, Shipton On Cherwell, England in January 1975.

RUBYCON is an undisputed classic in the vast Tangerine Dream canon, referenced by many of the new electronica generation. But at the time of its creation, Edgar Froese, Chris Franke, and Peter Baumann were themselves young men experimenting with technology.

RUBYCON is split into two sections, both of which offer the band's trademark mix of ululating sequencers, ghostly synthetic twilight, and mysterious electronic effects. Part One begins with intergalactic whispers, before coalescing into one of the Dream's most uniquely designed rhythm patterns. Part Two moves the sequencers' BPMs up a notch, matching them with whistling electronics and howling, deep space atmospheres. Truly astonishing stuff, and essential to anyone interested in the advancement of both electronic music and Krautrock in general.


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