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The Polkaholics: Polka Can't Die

Track List

>May Miss a Note (But We Never Miss a Party!)
>Polka Coup d'Etat
>Polka Can't Die
>We Drink 'Cause We Must Polka
>Woodchopper Polka
>Status Quo Polka
>My Wife She Got Drunk
>Dude Looks Like a Lady-Hoo
>Just Say Yes to Oktoberfest
>Drinking With My Boss
>Hula Hoop Polka
>Gamera of Gladstone Park

Album Notes

Personnel: Don Hedeker (vocals, guitar); Jackson Wilson (vocals, drums); James Wallace (vocals).

The third album by this polka trio sees two new members enter the fold. Former members George Kraynak (bass) and Mike Werner (drums) are replaced by bassist James Wallace and drummer Jackson Wilson. But the two-thirds overhaul didn't affect their sound in the least. As long as the manic, screaming presence of Don Hedeker's voice and guitar is featured, the Polkaholics will remain a force in the polka-rock scene. As with Polkas on Guitar, this album consists of mainly original compositions with a few revamped polka favorites mixed in. A slightly new sound is explored in the Hedeker title track, which incorporates Eastern European polka stylings in a manner very similar to that of the Shanes from Germany. "Dude Looks Like a Lady-Hoo" is a humorous takeoff on Aerosmith's "Dude (Looks Like a Lady)" and reintroduces the infamous character Lola of Kinks fame. Hedeker even takes liberties with a few of Joe Perry's famous guitar riffs. Wallace contributes a few silly originals -- "We Drink 'Cause We Must" and "Drinking With My Boss" -- proving that he has the Polkaholics' shtick down pat. Yes, this is a polka record, but it definitely rocks with hints of punk, blues-rock, and outright unadulterated foolishness. ~ Dave Sleger


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