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Original Soundtrack: Old Fashioned

Track List

>Highway of Red - Snapdragon
>Gold In Your Eyes - Kazimir Boyle
>No Place Like You - Mitch Dane/Josh Schicker
>I Have a Theory - Kazimir Boyle
>Clocks & Calendars - Ivan Colon
>Pour Me More - Connie Lim
>Feel Like Home - Roz Bell
>Love is the Only Gold - Kazimir Boyle
>King and She - Abby Posner
>Joy - May Erlewine/Ralston Bowles
>Every Boy and Girl - Rik Swartzwelder
>Drive - Dennis Davidson
>In Love With You - Roz Bell
>Ain't Where I Used To Be - Fred Haring
>Moses & Zipporah - Melissa Otto
>Right For You - Dennis Davidson
>You Are Loved - Kazimir Boyle
>Yes - Kazimir Boyle
>While the Days Are Young - Scott Krippayne
>Old Fashioned - Adam Davidson


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