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Los Caminantes: Las Número 1... De Siempre

Track List

>Supe Perder
>Para Qué Quieres Volver
>Amor Sin Palabras
>Entre Más Lejos Me Vaya
>He Sabido
>Todo Me Gusta De Ti
>Tu Nuevo Cariñito
>Brindo Por Tu Cumpleaños
>Sólo Los Tontos
>Ven y Abrázame
>Dos Cartas y Una Flor
>Puente Roto, El
>Guitarra y la Mujer, La
>Cuando Dos Almas
>Chilito Piquín Cuñao
>Amor Que Nace
>Sin Un Adiós
>Lágrimas Al Recordar
>Ya Viene Amaneciendo
>El Chuparrosa, El

Album Notes

This is a career-spanning best-of, featuring 20 Top-of-the-Charts tracks from Guanajuato, Mexico's Los Caminantes, from the early 1980s through the early 2000s. The glorious, Baroque-tinged pop norteño of "Super Perder" leads off the set, but though it completely changed the sound of all Regional Mexican music at the time, it's merely a taste of the diversity to be found on the album. Other highlights include electric corridos such as "Tu Nuevo Cariñito"; the easy rocking "Sólo los Tontos"; the soulful "Ven y Abrázame"; the funky cumbia of "La Guitarra y la Mujer"; lilting ballads such as "Amor Que Nace" and "Lágrimas al Recordar," and bandas including the stellar closer "El Chuparrosa." While longtime fans will have many of these tracks on either albums or previous compilations, this is the most complete hits package to date. ~ Thom Jurek


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