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Melanie Hoffman/Marvin Payne: Scripture Scouts: Musical Adventures in the Book of Mormon [Box]

Track List

>Lehi's Family
>Leave Jerusalem/Get the Plates
>Ishmael/Tree of Life
>Build a Ship
>Nephi's Ship
>Do Good All Day
>Good Kings, Bad Kings
>Through the Waters of Baptism
>Missionaries and Heroes
>Alma the Younger
>Sons of Mosiah, The
>Amulek and Alma
>Alma Gathers the Church
>Death of Jesus
>Jesus Visits the Nephites
>Jesus Heals and Blesses the Nephites
>I'll Stay Beside You
>I Will Be Here Too
>Introduction/the Jaredites
>Tower of Babel, The
>Brother of Jared, The
>Sixteen Small Stones, The
>Crossing the Ocean
>Mormon the Prophet
>Last Days of the Nephites
>Mormon Abridges the Plates
>Mormon's Letters
>Voice Crying From the Dust/Joseph Smith the Prophet

Album Notes

Illustrator: Alyssa Tallent.

Arranger: Roger Hoffman.


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