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John Debney/Nick Urata: The Cobbler [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Digipak]

Track List

>Cobbler: Main Title, The
>Cobbler: Lone Figures Meet ing, The
>Cobbler: Fifty Large, The
>Cobbler: New Customer, The
>Cobbler: Magical Stitcher, The
>Cobbler: Hom to Ma's House, The
>Cobbler: Need Repairman, The
>Cobbler: Becoming Ludlow, The
>Cobbler: Test Drive, The
>Cobbler: Ma's Wish, The
>Cobbler: Visiting the Crim e Scene, The
>Cobbler: Bar Pick Up to Mo m's, The
>Cobbler: Showering With Ka ra, The
>Cobbler: Pop's Soles, The
>Cobbler: Prepping for Dinn er, The
>Cobbler: Date Night Reunio n, The
>Cobbler: Date Night Dinner, The
>Cobbler: Ma Passes, The
>Cobbler: Becoming a Badass, The
>Cobbler: Ludlow's Closet, The
>Cobbler: Ludlow vs. Ludlow, The
>Cobbler: Gotta Pee, The
>Cobbler: Stiletto to the T hroat, The
>Cobbler: Max Goes to the P olice, The
>Cobbler: What the Crap!, The
>Cobbler: Marsha Returns Mo ney, The
>Cobbler: Old Man Albert, The
>Cobbler: Getting Involved, The
>Cobbler: Soloman's Shoes D eal, The
>Cobbler: Mixed Bag of Shoe s, The
>Cobbler: New York, The
>Cobbler: Carmen Asks Max O ut, The
>Cobbler: Also a Cobbler, The
>Cobbler: Cobbler Medley, The
>Step Into My Shoes


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