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Various Artists: Uzbekistan: Music of Khorezm [Digipak]

Track List

>Excerpt from Dastan Bazirgan
>Geldim size mehman böib-Alma pishgende geling
>Bir Allaim
>Aqlimni öilb-Sudar janim su böldi
>Chapandaz-i suvara-Sawt-i suvara
>Muqaddima-i segah
>Khafif-i segah
>Dayra rhythms
>[CD-ROM Track]

Album Notes

The Khorezm is a region and a culture that is now part of Uzbekistan. In the first millennium it was a vast empire alongside four other ancient nations of central and west Asia. Khorezm is the only one of the five that still exists as a cultural entity covering a small region of Uzbekistan, with its unique language still intact. The Khorezmians have a long tradition of oral literature sung during festivities and celebrations. They have long epic tales accompanied by male dancers or bridal dances at weddings and other celebrations. Listeners hear on this CD an excerpt of five distinct Khorezmian musical traditions: oral epics, music by and for women, spiritual songs, classical music, and popular music. ~ Bruno Deschênes


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