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Various Artists: Kurdish Music [Unesco]

Album Notes

Kurdish music is of Persian origin. It is closely routed in everyday life. In the Kurdish language, there is no concept to mean music, from which theories of some sort can be abstracted. The word "saz" refers as much to music itself as to the instruments. When a musician plays, he "works"; when he is "inspired," he knows "what he has to do." A musician is simply someone who plays an instrument while telling a tale or singing a song, to entertain or for dancing. Everything about music-making and performing is related in one way or another to everyday aspects of life. For them, a song cannot be sung the same if it is sung in the morning, in the evening, or at night; if it is sung by a young man or an old one; if it is sung up in the mountains, in the valley, or at sea. It is improvised accordingly. A sensual and passionate music that deserves to be discovered! ~ Bruno Deschênes


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