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Left Spine Down: Smartbomb, Vol. 2.3: The Underground Mixes

Track List

>Lab Tape 42, Pt. 3 - (remix)
>Hang Up [Angelspit Remix] - (remix)
>Welcome To the Future [the Future 8th Mix] - (remix)
>Reset [Man & Machine Remix] - (remix)
>Last Daze [Memmaker Remix] - (remix)
>Lab Tape 42, Pt. 2
>Prozac Nation [Retro Radio Radutron Mix] - (remix)
>Hang Up [Tethered Mix] - (remix)
>Reset [Stiff Valentine Remix] - (remix)
>Policy of Hypocrisy [Essence of Mind Remix] - (remix)
>Lab Tape 42, Pt. 4
>Prozac Nation [Psy' Aviah Remix] - (remix)
>Welcome To the Future [Electro Mix] - (remix)
>Reset [Maqlu Remix] - (remix)
>Prozac Nation [Helalyn Flowers Remix] - (remix)
>Welcome To the Future [Synthetic Dream Foundation Remix] - (remix)
>Lab Tape 42, Pt. 6
>Controlled Voltage [Kaine-O-Matic Mix] - (remix)
>Video Data Packet
>U Can't Stop the Bomb [Cyanotic Remix] - (remix)
>Welcome To the Future [Cunt Mix] - (remix)
>Policy of Hypocrisy [Shiv-R Remix] - (remix)
>Last Daze [Psykkle Rmix] - (remix)
>Last Daze [Everything Goes Cold Remix] - (remix)
>U Can't Stop the Bomb [Dismantled Remix] - (remix)
>Policy of Hypocrisy [Mind.In.a.Box Remix] - (remix)
>Last Daze [Los Muertos Mix] - (remix)


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