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Various Artists: Mud in the Club, Vol. 1

Track List

>Back [Remix] - Colt Ford (remix, featuring Jake Owen)
>Where I Come From [Remix] - Montgomery Gentry (remix, featuring Colt Ford/The Lacs)
>Bartender Song (Sittin' at a Bar) [Remix] - Danny Boone (remix, featuring Cypress Springs)
>Jacked Up [Remix] - Charlie Farley (remix, featuring Colt Ford/Bubba Sparxxx)
>Cold Beer [Remix] - Matt Stillwell (remix, featuring The Lacs)
>C.O.U.N.T.R.Y. [Remix] - LoCash Cowboys (remix, featuring Colt Ford)
>Naked Wasted [Remix] - Redneck Social Club (remix, featuring Bubba Sparxxx)
>Cricket on a Line [Remix] - Colt Ford (remix, featuring The Lacs/Cap Bailey)
>Kickin' Up Mud [Remix] - The Lacs (remix, featuring Twang)
>Country Folks [Remix] - Bubba Sparxxx (remix, featuring Colt Ford/Lenny Cooper/JJ Lawhorn/J Rosevelt/Danny Boone/Cypress Springs/14NI/Sarah Ross)
>This Is Our Song [Remix] - Colt Ford (remix, featuring Demun Jones/The Lacs/Danny Boone/Bubba Sparxxx)
>Average Joes Megamix - DJ KO (remix)

Album Notes

Call it hick-hop, mud music, or bad ass slaps rap, Mud in the Club, Vol. 1 is knee-deep in the stuff and features some of the biggest names ever to rap about off-roading. Of course, you don't have to have a truck, because anyone who drinks, parties, and loves bass will find plenty to love here, but the Lacs' "Kickin' Up Mud" and Bubba Sparxxx's "Country Folks" really do sound best when blaring out of some dirty Detroit diesel. Names like Colt Ford, Montgomery Gentry, and Danny Boone help make this an A-list set of both country-rap and muddin' music, and all of it is presented in remix form with deeper bass and extended breaks, just to make sure the party ain't over 'til the sun comes up or the roll cage gets bent, whichever comes first. ~ David Jeffries


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