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The University of Texas Longhorn Band: To the Top of the Stadium: Showband of the Southwest

Track List

>Traditionals: Texas Fight
>Traditionals: Eyes Fanfare
>Traditionals: March Grandioso
>Traditionals: Wabash Cannonball
>Traditionals: The Yellow Rose Of Texas
>Traditionals: Taps In One
>Traditionals: The Eyes Of Texas
>Traditionals: UT Detroit
>Traditionals: Rawhide
>Halftime Music: Latin Show: La Fiesta
>Halftime Music: Latin Show: Malaga
>Halftime Music: Secret Agent Show: Soul Bossa Nova
>Halftime Music: Secret Agent Show: Mission Impossible
>Halftime Music: Secret Agent Show: James Bond Medley
>Halftime Music: Jazz Show: Moondance
>Halftime Music: Jazz Show: Caravan
>Halftime Music: Jazz Show: April In Paris
>Halftime Music: Karaoke Show: Sweet Caroline
>Halftime Music: Karaoke Show: Friends In Low Places
>Halftime Music: Queen Show: Queen Opener: Somebody To Love/We Are the Champions
>Halftime Music: Queen Show: Bicycle Race
>Halftime Music: Queen Show: Queen Closer: Fat Bottomed Girls/Bohemian Rhapsody
>Halftime Music: Script Texas: the Eyes of Texas
>Texas Drums: Rumble
>Texas Drums: Funk
>Texas Drums: Tenor Intro
>Texas Drums: Crazy Orange Bread

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

Longhorn Band, the largest organization on The University of Texas campus, is the backbone of school spirit on campus, taking the initiative at pep rallies and games in firing up Texas fans with their favorite yells, and generally adding to the excitement so characteristic of Texas sporting events. The Longhorn Band performs at all University of Texas football games, with a smaller pep band for out-of-state trips. For post-season bowl game trips, the tradition has been to bring the entire Longhorn Band. Additional performances include pep rallies, parades, and a special halftime show with the Longhorn Alumni Band. The Longhorn Band makes guest appearances at many events that spotlight the popularity of the band. This album presents the highlights from the 2010 and 2011 seasons.

Album Notes

Personnel: Tess Mckenna, Melissa Olson, Taylor Sims, Danielle Johnson, James Hernandez, Katelyn Turner, Justin Chavez, Jennifer Nwaogwugwu, Jeannique Norbert, Jasmine Lusk, Jaclyn Plummer, Ileana Barrientez, Erin McAtee, Emma Decaro, Elsie Kim, Elizabeth Liner, Courtney Hobza, Chelsey Williams, Celeste Fellon, Cassie Weinberg, Caitlin Spofford, Caitlin Bennet, Brooke Piskator, Brooke Currie, Brittany Edwards, Ana Perernau, Amanda Gass, Alyssa Sallean, Allison Pekkanen, Ali Faghhi, Alfredo Rivera , Abigail Black, Soirea Castellanos, Stephanie Clatanoff, Samuel Morehead, Skylar Moran, Rachel Crain, Paula Perez-Diaz, Michelle Bolduc, Marihelen Aguirre, MacKenzie Lowe, Lindsey Nguy, Lenel Land, Laura Warner, Laura Sockrider, Delia Soto, Veronica Maldonado, Washington Akharamen, Wendy Siu (piccolo); Emily Parker, Michelle Langford, Rebecca Hill, Jaime Hernandez, Crystal Riley, Holly Chapman, Jonathan Anderson, Matthew Nagle, Richard Mergler, Kristen Jackson, Kimberly Guyton, Kimberly Fransham, Kelsey Creed, Kaitlyn Gruener, Kailey Kelly, Joshua Moore , Jinhyung Kim, Jesus Aguilar-Landaverde, Jeffrey Hartsock, Jacob Singletary, Hannah Lindberg, Genevieve Vasquez, Emily Crowther, Dustin Norwood, Devin Greene, Courtney Ham, Cosette Bonilla, Claire Trowbridge, Charles Mullins, Ashley Bupp, Anna Breaux, Andrew Robards, Andrea McCuistion, Allison Jacob, Allison Grone, Aimi Tanada, Adam Cmiel, Sophia Sherman, Samuel Lawson, Samuel Houghton, Sabrina Ragland, Priscilla Patterson, Paul Norris , Nicole Masone, Mia Stachura, Marshall Wooton, Marissa Ruehle, Marcus Tyler, Lyndon Zvonek, Lena Proft, Laura Zeiler, Jonathan Nguyen, Jonathan Lumang, Trenton Petry, Victoria Brenna, William Nicholas Hager, Whitney Swimelar, Whitney Herriage-Wilson, Morgan Davis, Andrew Powell, Jose Gallegos, Kevin McClintock (clarinet); David Forinash (drum); Alexa Bourdage.

Recording information: The Denius Indoor Practice Facility AKA "The Bubble" (2010-2011).

Directors: Steven Patterson; Rob Carnochan; Mary Ellen Poole; Jerry Junkin.

Photographer: Jerry Hayes.


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