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Os Mutantes: De Volta ao Planeta Dos Mutantes

Album Notes

De Volta ao Planeta Dos Mutantes is an alternative 27-track compilation of the work of Os Mutantes. The idea of this kind of release, containing less known and rare tracks by this legendary band is very welcome. Sadly, this double CD falls short of its goal as it doesn't include excellent rarities such as "Suicida," "Mande um Abraço pra Velha" or "Apocalipse," which have been released on other, similar efforts. "Glória ao Rei Dos Confins do Além" is a real gem. Tracks like "Cançao para Inglês Ver/Chiquita Bacana," "The Rain, the Park and Other Things" and "Cinderella -- Rockafella" are not nearly as essential. The bulk of the 27 cuts here consists of tracks like "Jogo de Calçada," "Hey Boy, Rua Augusta Oh! Mulher Infiel," in other words lesser known tracks that do appear on Mutantes' regular albums. Although most of these are great music, on a compilation like this it would have been much more productive to substitute them with previously unreleased material. ~ Philip Jandovsky


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