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Various Artists: Science Fiction's Finest, Vol. 1

Audio Samples

  1. "Science Fiction Double Feature" from the Rocky Horror Picture Show $1.29 on iTunes
  2. Main Theme (from Battle: Los Angeles $1.29 on iTunes
  3. Main Theme (from the Thing) $1.29 on iTunes
  4. Main Theme (from Devil Girl from Mars) $1.29 on iTunes
  5. Opening Theme (from the Illustrated Man) $1.29 on iTunes
  6. "I See You" (from Avatar) $1.29 on iTunes
  7. March/Theme (from Buckaroo Banzai) $1.29 on iTunes
  8. Main Theme (from the Terminator) $1.29 on iTunes
  9. Main Title (from Dune) $1.29 on iTunes
  10. End Title (from Communion) $1.29 on iTunes
  11. End Title (from Tron) $1.29 on iTunes
  12. Theme for Solo Piano (from Caprica) $1.29 on iTunes
  13. "Eureka On My Mind" (from Eureka) $1.29 on iTunes
  14. Main Theme (from Fringe) $1.29 on iTunes
  15. Main Title (from Futurama) $1.29 on iTunes
  16. Main Title (from Roboech) $1.29 on iTunes
  17. Main Theme (from Star Wars: The Clone Wars) $1.29 on iTunes
  18. Main Title (from Stargate Sg-1) $1.29 on iTunes
  19. Main Title (from Stargate Atlantis) $1.29 on iTunes
  20. End Title (from (Stargate Universe) $1.29 on iTunes
  21. Main Theme (from the New Outer Limits) $1.29 on iTunes
  22. End Title: Season 2 (from the Twilight Zone) $1.29 on iTunes
  23. Main Theme (from the Starlost) $1.29 on iTunes
  24. Main Theme (from Man from Atlantis) $1.29 on iTunes
  25. Main Theme (from Knight Rider) $1.29 on iTunes
  26. Main Title March (from Thunderbirds) $1.29 on iTunes
  27. Main Theme (from Ufo) $1.29 on iTunes
  28. "Fun, Fun, Fun" End Title (from Red Dwarf) $1.29 on iTunes
  29. Main Title: Season 5 (from Doctor Who) $1.29 on iTunes
  30. Main Theme (from Torchwood) $1.29 on iTunes
  31. End Title (from Primeval) $1.29 on iTunes
  32. Main Theme (from Star Trek: The Animated Series) $1.29 on iTunes
  33. Nexus Theme (from (Star Trek: Generations) $1.29 on iTunes
  34. "Where My Heart Will Take Me" (from Star Trek: Enterprise) $1.29 on iTunes

Track List

>Science Fiction Double Feature - Victoria Demare
>Battle: Los Angeles: Main Theme - Dominik Hauser
>Thing: Main Theme, The - Dominik Hauser
>Devil Girl From Mars: Main Theme - Joohyun Park
>Illustrated Man: Opening Theme, The
>Avatar: I See You - Joohyun Park
>Buckaroo Bonzai: March/Theme - Joohyun Park
>Terminator: Main Theme, The - Brandon Verrett
>Dune: Main Title - Dominik Hauser
>Communion: End Title - Steve Bartek
>Tron: End Title - Dominik Hauser
>Caprica: Theme For Solo Piano - Mark Northam
>Eureka On My Mind - Dominik Hauser
>Fringe: Main Theme '85 - Dominik Hauser
>Fringe: Main Theme - Dominik Hauser
>Futurama: Main Title - Dominik Hauser
>Robotech: Main Title - Dominik Hauser
>Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Main Theme From The TV Series - Dominik Hauser
>Stargate SG-1: Main Title - Dominik Hauser
>Stargate: Atlantis: Main Title - Dominik Hauser
>Stargate: Universe: End Title - Dominik Hauser
>New Outer Limits: Main Theme, The - Dominik Hauser
>Twilight Zone: Season 2: End Title, The - Dominik Hauser
>Starlost: Main Theme, The - Dominik Hauser
>Man From Atlantis: Main Theme - Austin Wintory
>Knight Rider: Main Theme - Dominik Hauser
>Thunderbirds: Main Title Marsh - Dominik Hauser
>UFO: Main Theme - Dominik Hauser
>Red Dwarf: Fun, Fun, Fun: End Title - Katie Campbell
>Doctor Who: Season 5 Main Title - Dominik Hauser
>Torchwood: Main Theme - Brandon Verrett
>Primeval: End Title - Dominik Hauser
>Star Trek: The Animated Series: Theme - Dominik Hauser
>Star Trek Generations: Nexus Theme - Dennis McCarthy
>Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Theme (After 3:00 A.M. At Quark's) [Piano Solo] - Dennis McCarthy
>Where My Heart Will Take Me - Katie Campbell

Album Notes

Audio Mixers: Michael Stern; Matt LaPoint; Michael Ferrow.

Recording information: Hauser Music, Pasadena, CA; McCarthy Studios, Burbank, CA.

Photographer: John Eaves.

Arrangers: Joohyun Park; Austin Wintory; Dennis McCarthy; Mark Northam; Brandon Verrett; Dominik Hauser; Steve Bartek .


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