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Daniela Diakova: Daniela Diakova

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Daniela hails out from the Bulgarian Gipsy community. This ethnic group, besides all trails of inevitable clichés connected with their spirit and fame, stand along others as undisputed guardians of the best music traditions and related skills in Central and Eastern Europe. Music education is an essential part of the Gipsy culture and is carried out since the childhood. That is the case of singer Daniela Diakova. She was born 30 years ago in the Gipsy community of a Bulgarian town coming from a family where her father and grandfather were composers and players. Her singing talent developed naturally as she grew up. She was raised in such a music environment that her family always supported her in pursuing a career in singing, addressing her to the schools where she was classically trained. Opera singing became the tool of expressing her voice, but before a young Gipsy singer could break on the International Opera scene she got sidetracked by personal events.


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