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Kiss: Cat Tales

Album Notes

Kiss drummer Peter Criss sits down, unmasked, and chats to fans at a convention called the Philadelphia Meet and Greet held on January 4, 2003. There are about 62 minutes from the event taken with a handheld camera that is annoyingly shaky but captures the moment and has decent audio. Criss can be heard clearly as he speaks into a microphone, but some of the audience questions are indiscernible as one would expect from what is essentially a fan-recorded cinéma vérité sort of production. As the Kiss Army tend to be a rabid bunch, and Kiss fan conventions are somewhat fun, this DVD is aimed directly at the faithful and on that level it works. The name Peter Criss isn't even mentioned on the packaging, instead there's a kinda sorta Kiss "logo" and the four band embers in the background with "the Catman" front and center. A little bit more description would be helpful -- the producers don't even tell you the exact date of the Criss event, it's found via an online search and a ticket giveaway to a February 28, 2003 Kiss concert in Melbourne, Australia. The "high quality, master archive tapes" advertised are hardly that, so buyer beware, this is truly something only die-hard Kiss fans would want. The bonus tracks include a sixteen-and-a-half minute set of interviews with the entire band backstage, one interview clocking in at about five minutes for something called the "Anti Gravity Room" and the general mayhem of truly "underground press" having an audience with their heroes. Most of it is tedious, dark footage, until a more professional interview appears at the final minute-and-a-half of this segment. Another chapter is about 27 minutes of the entire group on a seated panel speaking to fans, which appears to be taped around the time of 1998's Psycho Circus release. There's also 18-and-a-half minutes of pre-show filming from "The Farewell Tour" where one of the masked bandmembers calls the filming "bootleg" and that the videographer is "going to hell for it." One doesn't know if the admonishment is tongue in cheek or serious, but the sad thing is, with no credits and very little information, Cat Tales is a mishmash of handheld footage from a variety of sources that fans will find interesting but the general public need not touch. As it says on the cover in small print: "Contains no music or performances by the artists." ~ Joe Viglione


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