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Kerrier District: 4 [Digipak]

Track List

>It's the Disco
>Techno Disco
>London Grooves
>Funky Train
>Treacle Tits
>Brush the Bush
>Live Disco
>Come On Kerrier

Album Notes

Arranger: Luke Vibert.

Following the release of a 2004 self-titled album under the post-disco pseudonym, Luke Vibert periodically revisited Kerrier District. 12" EPs of a similar, slightly loony stripe were issued in 2006 and 2011. Vibert returned to Kerrier District again in 2015, and thereby eclipsed the quantity of output from Metro Area, perfectionists unwittingly responsible for placing the producer on the course. While the tracks on the fourth KD release are less novel and tend to be less memorable than the decade-old ones, they have similarly spongy grooves with a non-stop freewheeling spirit and that gleefully immature Vibert humor. The tracks are assembled with enough care to keep bodies in motion while active minds identify the sources of all the vocal snippets and chuckle at the reference to Inner City's "Good Life" in "Techno Disco." Vibert can't help but reference some later history as well; one of the many samples laced into the finale can also be heard in Osborne's "Outta Sight," a track Vibert remixed back in 2007. Disposable pleasures and referential irreverence win out here. ~ Andy Kellman


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