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The Bevis Frond: The Auntie Winnie Album

Track List

>Malvolio's Dream Journey To Pikes
>Foreign Laugh
>Down Again
>Will To Lose
>Winter's Blues
>Miz-Maze, The
>Without Mind
>Ciry of the Sun
>99th Very Last Time
>Five Years Wide
>Big Hole
>Time She Loves
>I Love You For Your Mind
>Long Day
>Twice Torn, Once Forgotten
>Spa Hotel
>Visions Through Dilated Eyes
>African Violet
>Automated Bomb Virgins
>Death Trip

Album Reviews:

Q - 3 Stars - Good

Album Notes

THE AUNTIE WINNIE ALBUM contains 21 minutes of music from the LOOKING GLASS compilation and an excerpt from the mysterious "Acid Jam" project.

Personnel: Nick Saloman (vocals).

A companion piece to 1987's Bevis Through the Looking Glass, 1989's Auntie Winnie Album effectively ends Nick Saloman's career as a one-man-band making D.I.Y. records on a bedroom four-track. (Beginning with 1990's excellent Any Gas Faster, subsequent Bevis Frond records would be recorded in real studios with other musicians.) Like the earlier compilation, this set pulls together outtakes and extra tracks from Saloman's early days. Oddly, however, the overall quality of these tracks is much higher than on the earlier set, and the album actually hangs together quite well as a whole. Opening and closing with extended instrumentals, the grinding acid rock of "Malvolio's Dream Journey to Pikes" and the lyrical and lovely "City of the Sun," the album covers a lot of ground in between. Most of the album is devoted to proper three-minute pop songs, ranging from the dark-hued "Will to Lose" (one of Saloman's most personal-sounding tunes) to the almost bouncy, Kinks-like "Repressor." The Reckless CD adds a track apiece from Bevis Through the Looking Glass and the forgettable Acid Jam. ~ Stewart Mason


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