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Wind: Wind *

Album Notes

Charming and enlightening, the five-member group Wind offers an enjoyable listening experience through the heart of their eclectic and soothing music. Included in their self-titled CD, Wind brings forth tunes filled with shades of lyrical mystery and soulful percussion, keyboards, and soothing guitars. With the opening of the deeply moving and empowering "Tangled in Chains," lead vocalist Barbie Kelley brings to the table her breathless vocal ability and radiant flute solos. With Barbie Kelley right beside him on flute, Nori Kelley displays tremendous charisma and vitality through his ever-present guitar work, clearly apparent on the ethereal nighttime piece "Carmela's Dance." "Catrina's Song" shows off the more passionate, fervent side of their musical abilities. With picturesque lyrics and power ballad-like singing, "Catrina's Song" leaps out of the record player, gripping even the more critical listener's ears. Home to You, a strongly percussive and driving song filled with soaring vocals and eclectic guitar phrasing, is the perfectly typical song that sings of a new age breaking, and a calling to one's home. It is here the listener feels that daylight has called one home, that the music has brought one out of loneliness and darkness. Home to You is arguably the highlight of the record, well arranged, with enchanting vocals, melting guitars, and meaningful lyrics. It is then that Wind takes off, as their next track, "Not Guilty," where freedom from all worry, and feeling not guilty for having time alone, is expressed as OK. Much can be said about the musicianship of Wind, their candid vocal ability and the deep impression they leave through their striking lyrics. Also on the record is the eight-minute effort "Under the Hourglass," an uplifting and at times experimental tune filled with high flying flute and guitar acrobatics and a killer chorus. The record Wind as a whole is self-produced with grace by Nori Kelley; most of the material is quality work by a gifted group of musicians who continue to challenge themselves. ~ Shawn M. Haney


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