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Tower of Power: We Came to Play!

Album Notes

By the late '70s, though Tower Of Power was past its initial heyday, the band was not over. Many of its most prominent members like Emilio Castillo, Stephen "Doc" Kupka, Chester Thompson, Bruce Conte, and Mic Gillette were still going strong. Also making significant strides were saxophonist Lenny Pickett and vocalist Michael Jeffries. WE CAME TO PLAY from 1978 showcases the band with plenty of fire, although slight tinges of disco had begun to creep into its otherwise funky style.

The sound of the band's recorded output of this period is slicker and more produced than earlier efforts, mostly due to the effects of success and advances in studio know-how. Yet there is still a deep groove underlying each of the cuts, despite the absence of original bassist Rocco Prestia. As evidence, the celebratory opening title cut and the danceable "Yin-Yang Thang" are worthy additions to the band's funky repertoire. And despite some cheesy period strings, ballads like "Bittersweet Soul Music" and "Am I a Fool" are both as musically and emotionally satisfying as any in the Tower Of Power canon.


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