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Akkord: HTH035 [Digipak]

Track List

>HTH020 [The Haxan Cloak's Cloud of Witness] - (mix)
>Typeface/Greyscale [Vatican Shadow's the World Is Complete]
>Gravure/Continuum [FIS Hayfield to New Mills Version]
>Gravure/Continuum [Regis Whip Hand Mix] - (remix)

Album Notes

Synkro and Indigo's mysterious Akkord project followed up its excellent 2013 debut, a set of Muslimgauze-influenced bass-heavy post-dubstep, with HTH020, an EP paying tribute to the duo's junglist roots. "Continuum" features crashing breakbeats and Hoover synths, but with a detached sense of dread that keeps it from being rave-friendly party music. Other tracks on the EP tread far murkier waters, with the distortion-laced knocking garage beats of "Typeface" coming closest to something danceable. This excellent EP was followed up by a remix 12", HTH030, which featured an utterly mindblowing reconstruction by the Haxan Cloak, which takes the entire EP and stuffs it through an industrial-strength wood-chipper, leaving the listener stunned and barely able to process what has just happened. Vatican Shadow's straightforward techno remix is comparatively pedestrian. Both EPs were given CD release as part of compilation HTH035, which includes two additional remixes. Fis distorts his source material into oblivion with his untethered remix of "Gravure/Continuum," while industrial techno veteran Regis goes down a more haunted downtempo route for his mix of the same tracks. ~ Paul Simpson


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