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Various Artists: Discover Klezmer with Arc Music

Track List

>Galitzyaner Tantz
>Di Goldene Khasene
>Sirba Friska - Transkapela
>Der Rebe Elimelech - Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band
>Dem Bal Shem Tov's Zemerl - From Both Ends of the Earth
>Oberek Palota
>Stetl Tango - Transkapela
>Kopanitsa - She'koyokh Klezmer Ensemble
>Eli Eli - Klezmer Juice
>Mayn Tayere Odessa/Dem Triske Rebns Chosid'l/Dem Monastrishter Rebn's Chosid'l - The Burning Bush
>Skotchne No. 1 - Gregori Schechter's Klezmer Festival Band
>Jingeles Trojm - Jontef
>Mazltov Cocktail "Petters Freylech" - Tummel
>Sherele - Frejlechs
>Tanz Tanz Yiddelekh - Shir
>Nikolaev Bulgar - She'koyokh Klezmer Ensemble
>Baba Ganoush Overload - Tummel

Album Remarks & Appraisals:

There is a very particular charm about klezmer music that cannot be found in other musical style. It's a kind of melancholic exuberance; at once happy and sad; klezmer sounds simultaneously like laughing and weeping. A musical genre in a constant state of evolution, klezmer escapes easy definition. This eclectic collection highlights the many forms of klezmer, from the more 'traditional' to those with a more modern touch, played by bands hailing from Poland, the UK, Germany, the Americas, Sweden and Denmark. Brief details of the collection's contents can be found in the accompanying booklet.

Album Notes

Liner Note Authors: Diz Heller; Chris Tomsett.


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