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Giorgio Mirto: Norwegian Memories; Gisle Krogseth: Viking Concerto / Giorgio Mirto, guitar

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Giorgio Mirto follows in a long and distinguished line of guitarist-composers stretching back to his fellow Italian Mauro Giuliani, and he is justifiably a regular contributor to the catalogue of Brilliant Classics, playing both the classic (mostly Spanish-oriented) repertoire and new music of his own and others' invention, by himself or with others. His latest album derives from his visits to Norway, both the Viking legends of yore and 'the weather, the silence, the woods, the fjords, the light and the sea have completed the palette of inspiration'. "Landscapes" for string orchestra takes its shape from those physical memories, whereas Norwegian Memories is a four-movement concerto for guitar and strings with darkly suggestive movement titles that tell their own story: The grave under the hill; The blue light; Olav; Sailing through the North Sea. To complement these Northern-inflected works, Mirto has chosen a concerto by a native Norwegian, Gisle Krogseth (b.1952). His Viking Concerto programmatically tells the story of a Norwegian sailor returning from a long journey at sea. The names of the movements are: "Returning from Abroad", "At night in the Forest" and "A Feast a Fight and a Funeral". With works such as a Sonata dell'Adriatico in his catalogue, Krogseth returns Mirto's compliment with his own affection for Southern Europe, and his own expertise as a guitarist as well as composer. New works these may be, but anyone with a passion for the Romantic guitar should find much pleasure in the music on this soulful album. This CD brings together three works for guitar and strings which are inspired by the majestic landscape of Norway, its fjords, mountains, springs and woods, the silence and mystique. Italian guitarist and composer Giorgio Mirto wrote his Concerto Norwegian Memories on the basis of old legends and fairy tales. The "Viking Concerto" by Norwegian composer Gisle Krogseth is a 20th century pendant of Peer Gynt, its three movements named "Returning from Abroad", "Night in the Woods" and "A Feast, a Fight and a Funeral". Played with great intensity by the master himself, Giorgio Mirto, accompanied by the Florence String Ensemble. World Premiere recordings!

America Record Guide, November/December 2015

America Record Guide, November/December 2015
Wow...how beautiful! Giorgio Mirto is an Italian composer and guitarist... this work for guitar and orchestra is just overwhelming. He has his own voice, and it is proudly tonal and romantic. Mirto plays both the guitar concertos beautifully, with full technical control and deep expressiveness.


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