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Various Artists: S3D: Ear & Eye

Track List

>Solo to Trio - Bart Hopkin/James McCarthy/Empirical
>Solo - Walter Kitundu
>Solo - Phil Dadson
>Solo to Trio - Ernie Althoff/Adam Willets/James McCarthy
>Solo - Tom Nunn
>Solo - Tom Nunn
>Trio - Walter Kitundu/Akio Suzuki/Sam Morrison
>Solo to Group - Bart Hopkin/Walter Kitundu/Akio Suzuki/Ernie Althoff/Tom Nunn/Sam Morrison/Phil Dadson
>Solo - Yek Koo
>Trio - Yek Koo/Empirical/Graeme Leak
>Trio - Adam Willets/Empirical/Graeme Leak
>Solo - Yek Koo
>Solo - Sam Morrison
>Solo - Tom Nunn
>Solo to Trio - Bart Hopkin/Walter Kitundu/Sam Morrison
>Solo - Akio Suzuki
>Solo - Empirical
>Solo - Graeme Leak
>Trio - Yek Koo/James McCarthy
>Solo - Ernie Althoff
>Solo - Bart Hopkin
>Solo - James McCarthy
>Solo to Trio - Akio Suzuki/Ernie Althoff/Phil Dadson
>Solo - Adam Willets


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