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Brendan McCreary: Defiance: Season 2 [Digipak]

Track List

>What's Up [Votan Mix] - (remix, featuring Fyfe Monroe)
>Doll Parts - (featuring Fyfe Monroe)
>One Soldier, One Axe, One Grave - (featuring Ayana Haviv)
>Lonely Light - (featuring Olivia Pucci)
>Eaten Alive
>Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me - (with Brendan McCreary, featuring Olivia Pucci)
>No More Heroes
>Advice From a Casti Dowager
>Teach This Boy To Fly - (featuring William Atherton)
>Dead Girl Walking - (featuring Ayana Haviv)
>Tarr Tracks
>All the Love That I Got - (featuring Zach Jones)
>Baby It's True (I Love You) [Votan Mix] - (remix, with Brendan McCreary, featuring Raya Yarbrough)
>Datak Love Shack
>It Happened To Me - (featuring Ayana Haviv)
>Just Another Night With You
>Talking In Whispers - (featuring Olivia Pucci)
>Monsters At the Ball - (featuring Olivia Pucci)
>Just Another Night With You [English Mix] - (remix)
>Baby Its's True (I Love You)[English Mix] - (remix, with Brendan McCreary, featuring Raya Yarbrough)
>What's Up [English Mix] - (featuring Fyfe Monroe)
>Across the Storm Divide - (with Brendan McCreary)

Album Notes

Audio Mixers: Brendan McCreary; Laurence Schwarz; Steve Kaplan.

Director: Eric Craig.

Photographers: Joe Pugliese; Ben Mark Holzberg.


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