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Hirs: The Second 100 Songs

Track List

>No Comment
>Fuck It
>Fuck The Pigs
>Nasty Candy
>Fucked And Forlorn Forever, Pt. II/We Are
>Nazipope/Fuck The Pigs, Pt. III
>Drag Drug Dealing Brothel
>Mandatory Consent
>Endless Nameless
>Generations Of Vomit, Pt. II (Puking Up Capitalism)
>Fuck Everything
>We Hate People
>Living Pope Pyre (Immolation of Molestation)
>Dead Seeds, Pt. II
>A Very Long List Of Men To Murder
>Skulz N' Shit
>Amputated Littered Hand
>Bong Water Torture
>Shit Smeared Synapse
>Mainline The Redline (Lethal Injection For Greedy Racist Fucks)
>Twenty Five Cent Sidewalk Legal Abortion Machines
>Pronoun Game, The
>Unlearning Everything
>Your Ethics And Shit
>Bros Is Pigs Grind The Bros
>Fall Back Into Your Grave
>Kill The Bro In Your Head
>No New Friends
>You're Dead No Regrets
>Get Fucking Bent Or Dead Bros For A Safe Space
>Kill Homophobes Kill Pigs Kill Self Or My Rules For Prison
>Three Hundred Seconds Alone Or Twenty Second Apology
>Black Leather Studded Glove Or A Song Inspired By Sadie
>Ur Dead Or We Will Kill You Before You Kill Us
>Killed By Fast (Fuck On The Beach)
>We Prayed To The Dark Lord Dog
>Without Sympathy
>Two Steps For Putin
>Children Are The No Future
>23/15 31914
>Doggie Bone
>Dead Magic
>My Gender Is Queer
>Gay Majority
>Nail That Sticks Up Gets Hammered Down
>Round And Round
>Worthless Generation
>Ending Up Like You
>Boys Will Be Boys
>Bill Unpaid
>In Too Deep/Rubber Or Leather
>Dow Jones
>Masculine Insecurity, The
>T For Tone
>Ripped Out
>Insecure Oppression
>Political Asshole
>No Jerks Ever
>Their Nightmare
>Don't Bring Me Down
>Lyrics That May Offend The Honkys
>Castration Song #22
>Dick Cop
>Yo! Our Edge Is Gay
>Yr Time Is Up


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