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Various Artists: Schlagerstars des Deutschen Films

Track List

>I Will Every Night From Your Dreams - Johannes Heesters
>You'd Have to Play the Piano Can - Johannes Heesters
>Darling, What Will Happen to the Two of Us - Johannes Heesters
>My Heart Should a Broadcaster His - Johannes Heesters
>Sweetheart - Johannes Heesters
>Amor, Amor - Johannes Heesters
>Mexicanischer Serenade - Johannes Heesters
>Oh Goldmarie - Johannes Heesters
>About You Prairie - Johannes Heesters
>My Car Can Schön Singen - Johannes Heesters
>Carousel, The - Johannes Heesters
>If I Were a Kaiser - Johannes Heesters
>What Do You Think of Love - Johannes Heesters
>You Made Me Never So Kissed - Johannes Heesters
>Yes Gentlemen (Hans Albers) - Heinz Rühmann
>I'm Fine (With Herta Feiler) - Heinz Rühmann
>Mach I Everything With a Nice Smile, The - Heinz Rühmann
>I Am So Passionate - Heinz Rühmann
>Ballad of the Bread Blond Emil, The - Heinz Rühmann
>I Brech 'The Hearts of the Proudest Frau'n - Heinz Rühmann
>To an Earthworm Hat's Good - Heinz Rühmann
>Li-li-li-Love - Heinz Rühmann
>What is the Road Since - Heinz Rühmann
>That Can Not Shake a Sailor (Hans brewing Weather & Josef Sieber) - Heinz Rühmann
>Wanderlied - Heinz Rühmann
>I'm Fine (With Herta Feiler) - Heinz Rühmann
>O Mia Bella Napoli - Rudi Schuricke
>Let the Woman Who Loves You, Never Cry - Rudi Schuricke
>Island Born of Dreams, An - Rudi Schuricke
>Penny Serenade - Rudi Schuricke
>you Can Be Heart Only Once Offer - Rudi Schuricke
>Come Back - Rudi Schuricke
>For a Night of Bliss - Rudi Schuricke
>Blonde Katie, The - Rudi Schuricke
>Star of Rio - Rudi Schuricke
>Come But in My Arms - Rudi Schuricke
>Once You're Back to Me Being - Rudi Schuricke
>high Drob'n on the Mountain - Rudi Schuricke
>Everything Goes Better With Music - Rudi Schuricke
>Ride, Little Riders - Rudi Schuricke
>On Top of the World - Rudi Schuricke
>And again, a Beautiful Day to End - Rudi Schuricke
>We Make Music - Ilse Werner
>You and I in the Moonlight - Ilse Werner
>Yes, This Is My Melody - Ilse Werner
>I Care About You and You Have Me - Ilse Werner
>When Wilt Thou Return to Be With Me? - Ilse Werner
>My Heart Has Today 'Premiere - Ilse Werner
>Schön Was It - Ilse Werner
>Who Whistled What - Ilse Werner
>Little Town Want to Sleep Geh'n, The - Ilse Werner
>Maybe This Is Love as an Illusion Nothing - Ilse Werner
>When Did It Started With you - Ilse Werner/Hans Söhnker
>I Love You - Ilse Werner/Hans Söhnker


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