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Various Artists: Nail House Party Compilation, Vol. 4 [Slipcase]

Track List

>Nots Flatten the Earth
>Not What You Think - Ginnels
>Baby's Seen This Scene Before
>How Come You're a Liar, Steve?
>DFW - The Wanda Junes
>Lögnhalsmottagningen Pissar Dig
>High Five the Moon - Victorian Slang
>Danish Amputees, The - Hulaboy
>Pressuredown - Mia Schoen
>What's That Sound? - Hard Left
>Grotto Capri - The Cannanes
>No Reaction - Bright Lights
>Discipline - Frau
>I'm Just an Animal - American Culture
>Bad Guys
>Burn the Merch
>Check It! - GRRR
>Idiot Cowboy
>Mary Anne With the Shaky Hand - The How
>GF + BF


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