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Robin Gibb: Saved by the Bell: The Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1968-1970 [Slipcase] *

Track List

>August October
>Gone Gone Gone
>Worst Girl in This Town, The
>Give Me a Smile
>Down Came the Sun
>Mother and Jack
>Saved by the Bell
>Farmer Ferdinand Hudson
>Lord Bless All
>Most of My Life
>One Million Years
>Hudson's Fallen Wind
>Saved by the Bell - (mono)
>Mother and Jack - (mono)
>One Million Years - (mono)
>Weekend - (mono)
>August October - (mono)
>Give Me a Smile - (mono)
>Lord Bless All [Alternate Take] - (previously unreleased, alternate take)
>Sing Slowly Sisters - (previously unreleased)
>Life - (previously unreleased)
>C'est La Vie, Au Revoir - (previously unreleased)
>Everything Is How You See Me - (previously unreleased)
>I've Been Hurt - (previously unreleased)
>Sky West and Crooked - (previously unreleased)
>Irons on the Fire - (previously unreleased)
>Cold Be My Days - (previously unreleased)
>Avalanche - (previously unreleased)
>Engines Aeroplanes - (previously unreleased)
>Flag I Flew, The - (previously unreleased)
>Return to Austria - (previously unreleased)
>It's Only Make Believe - (previously unreleased)
>All's Well That Ends Well - (previously unreleased)
>Very Special Day, A - (previously unreleased)
>Great Caesar's Ghost - (previously unreleased)
>Anywhere I Hang My Hat - (previously unreleased)
>Loud and Clear - (previously unreleased)
>Return to Austria - (previously unreleased)
>Why Not Cry Together [Demo] - (previously unreleased)
>Alexandria Good Time - (previously unreleased)
>Janice - (previously unreleased)
>Love Just Goes - (previously unreleased)
>August October [Agosto Ottobre] - (previously unreleased)
>One Million Years [Un Milione De Ani] - (previously unreleased)
>Saved by the Bell - (previously unreleased)
>Robin Talks with Brian Matthew - (previously unreleased)
>August October - (previously unreleased)
>Weekend - (previously unreleased)
>Give Me a Smile - (previously unreleased)
>Robin Talks with David Wigg - (previously unreleased)
>Band Will Meet Mr. Justice, The - (previously unreleased)
>People's Public Poke Song, The - (previously unreleased)
>Indian Gin and Whiskey Dry - (previously unreleased)
>Girl to Share Each Day, The - (previously unreleased)
>Come Some Halloween or Christmas Day - (previously unreleased)
>Heaven in My Hands - (previously unreleased)
>Most of My Life - (previously unreleased)
>Goodbye Good World [Demo] - (previously unreleased)
>Down Came the Sun - (previously unreleased)
>Don't Go Away [Demo] - (previously unreleased)
>Moon Anthem - (previously unreleased)
>Ghost of Christmas Past - (previously unreleased)

Album Notes

Audio Mixer: Andrew Sandoval.

Audio Remasterer: Dan Hersch.

Recording information: BBC Studios, London, UK (1968-1970); Chappell Recording Studios, London, UK (1968-1970); IBC Recording Studios, London, UK (1968-1970); Sound Studios Ltd., London, UK (1968-1970).

Photographer: Chris Walter.

A little known phase of the Bee Gees' history is the late '60s, when Robin Gibb left the band in a pique following the decision to banish his song "Lamplight" to the B-side of a single. Gibb pursued a solo career, releasing Robin's Reign in 1970 and coming close to completing a second called Sing Slowly Sisters before he decided to return to the fold in the summer of 1970. Robin was on his own for just over a year, but he recorded plenty of material during that time, all of which is collected on the 2015 triple-disc box Saved by the Bell: The Collected Works of Robin Gibb 1969-1970. Producer Andrew Sandoval began work on this set while Gibb was alive and continued after the singer's 2012 death, creating it by digging through the vaults and relying on fans to provide rarities (Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley provides the much-needed liner notes). The resulting box contains all of Robin's Reign, presented in its stereo mix, along with selected mono mixes and an outtake ("Hudson's Fallen Wind"), and an alternate take of "Lord Bless All," a finished version of Sing Slowly Sisters on the second disc, then a collection of BBC sessions, Italian versions, and demos on the third disc. With the exception of a couple of grand, punchy pop tunes and the mock-country of "Engines Aeroplanes," all of the music is very much of a piece with the Baroque stylings of Odessa: eccentric, deeply melancholy pop perched on the edge of being slightly too precious. The only time where it seems as if Gibb is indulging himself is on the demos -- the eight-minute "Return to Austria" is a very long sit -- but there's a precocious curiosity to his ideas here. He's willfully following his muse and while it may lead him into twisted, flowery tunnels, it's often quite compelling and it's good to have it preserved for the historical record in this fashion. ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine


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