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Black Devil Disco Club: Disco Club

Album Notes

Rather than do a straight reissue of the Black Devil LP, Rephlex instead made the silly decision to scatter its material across a series of releases in multiple formats. This CD5 contains two of the cuts from the original release, along with a remix of one of them from Luke Vibert. "Timing, Forget the Timing" and "We Never Fly Away Again" aren't much different from the other four original tracks, with the kind of plump, post-Moroder electro-disco pulse that would typify many productions out of Italy for the next several years. The manic dark energy, however, makes them unique from everything else. Vibert's Kerrier District remix of "Timing, Forget the Timing" barely strays from the original and acts more like an extended version, with minor accents (namely handclaps) added. ~ Andy Kellman


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