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Various Artists: EDM: Electronic Dance Music [ZYX 3CD] [Box]

Track List

>Shooter [Club Mix] - Tosch (remix)
>Dreams 2k15 [Club Mix] - Chris Excess (remix)
>Humanoid [Naxwell Mix] - Jason Parker/NaXwell (remix)
>When Are We Going [Immortal Division Remix] - Frozen Skies (remix)
>Fill Me Up (Again and Again) [Guenta K & Andy Ztoned Remix] - Jason Parker/Soylent Green (remix)
>Passion [ACR & Symar Remix] - Chris Oldman (remix)
>I Love You Stop 2k14 [NaXwell Remix] - Red 5 (remix)
>Rhythm is a Dancer [Festival Mix] - Damon Paul (remix, featuring Simone Mangiapane)
>Good Vibrations [Harper & Doyle Remix] - Tom Belmond/Botoxx (remix)
>Quotient [Original Mix] - R.I.H.A.
>Leavin' Me [Bernd Loorbach Festival Mix] - Kim Kaey (remix)
>Above The Clouds [Emil Sorous Remix] - Sunsitive (remix)
>One Day In Your Life [Axamathic Club Remix] - DJ Ti-S (remix, featuring Hannah Brown)
>Dance Into The Night [NaXwell Remix] - Project Blue (remix, featuring Ascandra)
>It's Not The Same [Sam Rockwell Remix] - Polina Griffith/Stereo Flow (remix)
>Magic Melody [Club Mix] - NaXwell (remix)
>Knight Rider [Prize & Verdez Remix] - Damon Paul (remix)
>Alegria [Frenk DJ & Joe Maker Remix] - DJ Sanny J (remix, featuring Ice MC/Neon)
>Take On Me (Jason Parker Meets NaXwell Rework] - DJ Ti-S (remix, featuring Jeff Ryan)
>EDM Part 1 [Club Mix] - Tosch (remix)
>Affenstyle [Pete Sunset Remix] - Jay Outback (remix)
>Revolution [Club Mix] - Forza Beatz (remix)
>You Are Not Alone [NaXwell Remix] - Charlie Vallely (remix, featuring Terri B.)
>Ohrbassmus [Rik & Mik Festival Mix] - Vortecs (remix)
>Sex Machine [Frank EDG Remix] - Markus D'ambrosi (remix, featuring Tony Davis/Christian Miano)
>X [Jon Thomas Anniversary Remix] - Frozen Skies (remix)
>Fantastico [Club Mix] - Marcos Zaldano (remix)
>Samba de Janiero [Sam Rockwell Remix] - Carrilio (remix)
>Bass How Low Can You Go 2k14 [Forza Beatz Remix] - Simon Harris (remix)
>Groove Anthem [DJ H.G. Aka Housegeist Remix], The - Stereo Identity (remix, featuring Damion Davies)
>Addicted 2 Bass [Jon Thomas Club Mix] - JT Project (remix, featuring Ron Ravolta)
>Night To Remember [NaXwell Mix] - Edlington & Naxwell (remix)
>By Your Side [Phil Giava Electro Mix] - Miguel & Chris (remix)
>Let It Go [Sam Rockwell Remix] - Refex (remix)
>Never Been Honest [Jon Thomas Radio Edit] - DJ Backslash/JT Project - (featuring Johnny Catch)
>When Will I Be Famous [Famous Noor Remix] - Leomeo (remix)
>Fat Drop [Original Mix] - Tosch
>Burn Baby [Native U Edit] - Pulsemaster DJ Team - (featuring Mike Van Doorn)
>I'm The Devil [Extended] - The Bombers (remix)
>Short Dick Man [NaXwell Remix] - Markus D'ambrosi (remix, featuring Marga Gonzales)
>Weekend To Begin [Martin van Lectro Remix] - Semitoo (remix, featuring Michael Blaya)
>Think About The Way [NaXwell Remix] - Anthony Simons (remix, featuring Anna Beradi)
>Berlin 89 [Electronics Historic Speeches Mix] - Transistor Culture (remix)
>Day By Day [Sirkhan Remix] - Walter Native (remix, featuring Jay Jacobs)
>We Are Friends [NaXwell Remix] - Sammy Love/DJ Ferre (remix)


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